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BMW's futuristic roadster concept

This is interesting. I would like to take a look as soon as it is unveiled.

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BMW’s futuristic roadster concept

BMW has been producing amazing roadsters for more than 75 years (the Z4 being a notable example of this), so you’d expect it to know a thing or two when it comes to creating drop-top two-seaters. And despite its usual high standards, Beemer has truly surpassed itself with its latest roadster creation, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept car. Groundbreaking is not the word!

This stunning concept car, which is set to be uncovered at the Geneva Motor Show, incorporates a layering principal in its design, claimed to “demonstrate the bond between the driver, passenger, vehicle and the surrounding environment”.

Alert! This is where it gets technical: the Vision ConnectedDrive’s interior is split into several layers. The first is safety-focused, with a red light that surrounds the driver and comes together in a cone shape on the bonnet. This is said to represent the “flow of safety-specific information and the driver’s focus on the road ahead”. Still with us? Then we shall proceed…

The second layer – outlined by a blue ribbon of light – envelops the safety layer and passenger area, promoting “active social exchangement between the driver and passenger”. “Exchangement”? Anyway. Meanwhile, the third and final layer, which is identified by a green light (seen in the picture above), focuses on the interaction of the Vision ConnectedDrive with the surrounding environment. Got all of that? Good!

To be honest, putting all of that technical jargon stuff to one side (and yes, it went over our heads as well), Beemer couldn’t go wrong if it decided to use the Vision ConnectedDrive as a blueprint for its next major roadster. With its Z1-inspired sliding doors, elongated bonnet and flowing lines, it’s a design study that leaves a permanent imprint on the memory banks.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at Beemer’s latest innovative concept car in the gallery below.

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Insider reveals new details around BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

The subject of a BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo came to life back in 2010 when first rumors around a 3 Series niche vehicle began to surface. Building on the successful, yet controversial 5 Series GT, the 3 Series GT will offer similar attributes and design ideas as the bigger GT, but with a more attractive and sleeker lines.

The core idea of a Gran Turismo vehicle remains, traveling in style and luxury, but without sacrificing performance. Even though not officially confirmed, we expect the 3 GT to be also a vehicle built from inside out, same as the first Gran Turismo penned by Christopher Weil.

BMW insider Scott27 says the 3 Series GT will offer a simple hatch function forgoing the twin trunk arrangement on the 5er GT. BMW intends to offer both turbocharged petrol and diesel four cylinder engines. For the high-end 3 Series GT, a choice of six cylinders and a hybrid drivetrain will be available. BMW’s all-wheel-drive platform, xDrive, will be optional as well.

The exterior design of the 3er GT will follow its bigger brother, 5er GT, by being totally independent from the 3 Series Sedan design. Some design cues will most likely be shared and elements from the current BMW design language will be present as well.

The 3er GT is much lower and sleeker than the 5er GT. Customers for the 3er GT are entirely different from the 5er GT, especially with the car being a 3 Series in which the customer expects the best premium entry-level Sports sedan.

We learned that internally the 3GT is referred as the “Progressive Activity Coupe” rather than the “Progressive Sports Coupe” naming convention reported by the insider.

We expect the 3 GT to hit the market in 2013, with a concept debut in 2012.

[Source: Scott27 GCF ]

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