How IT Can Bring Back the Human in Human Resource Management?

Information technology impacts on all organizational processes including human resource. IT has brought about a digital revolution that changes our approach to almost everything in life. From how we socialize, how we communicate, and even how we consume information, IT can be felt everywhere. Why Human Resource Should Use IT In Its Processes? As such, […]

Mobile Games

Mobile Games Popularity Algorithm May Predict User Interest Levels

A mobile game is a video game played on a component telephone, cell phone, smartwatch, PDA, tablet PC, convenient media player or calculator. The soonest known game on a cell phone was a Tetris variation on the Hagenuk MT-2000 gadget from 1994. Today, mobile games are typically downloaded from application stores and in addition from […]

Woman working on computer

What Are The Common Problems That Come From Working On A Computer?

Although our modern way of living imposes daily work on the computer, we are not really created for it. Prolonged sitting in front of the screen can cause some relatively serious diseases, accompanied by very severe pain and distort the quality of everyday life. We all use computers, laptops, and many other devices that put […]

Fitbit smartwatch

Fitbit’s First Smartwatch And Bluetooth Headphones To Be Launched This Fall

Fitness lovers the world over have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Fitbit’s First Smartwatch much publicized first full-fledged smart watch and Bluetooth headphones. However, sources close to the project revealed to Yahoo Finance that the release date has been pushed back from the originally planned spring release to the fall of 2017 because of […]

ERP Cloud Computing

Why ERP Cloud Computing Is Beneficial?

It is not often that a commoner would come across the term Enterprise Resource Planning or cloud computing for it. This technology is usually reserved in the corridors of the IT. However, it is now expanding and many companies and business are benefitting from it. Syntax is one such name in the field of cloud […]

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