Content marketing is being popularized in every industry. As marketers and businesses begin to realize content marketing is 62% less costly & helps to generate 3X more leads. But, only bombarding your website with content is neither gonna get your website traffic nor customers. Therefore, For helping you to achieve your content marketing goals I have rounded up 10 golden rules for writing engaging content for your website.

According to the states, 92% of B2B and 60% of B2C businesses are already using content marketing strategies to generate leads, acquire customers and scale their business online. Of course! they got wise to know the content on their website can help them achieve 6X more conversions.

Don’t you wanna increase conversion rate, traffic, and leads generation on your website? Well, you’re about to learn the secret of how to write articles for your website that converts. But, along with it. You need to implement constructive SEO strategies that support your content to rank higher on SERP.

If you’re already an SEO expert. Great! But, if you don’t. Fret not! It’s time to master effective SEO strategies & content marketing to boost your business. But, make sure you learn digital marketing strategies from the right institute. It’s the advice of rich dad & poor dad author Robert Kiyosaki- “your mentors in life are important, so choose them wisely”.

Now! You know what else you need in order to get your breakthrough content to reach a wider audience. Read on to dive into how to write engaging content for your readers.

10 Golden Rules Of  Writing Engaging Content For Your Website

Content writing is not about writing information about the topic. Most websites have a bounce rate of 26-70%. Bounce rate is the metric for judging how good or bad your content is. The lesser the bounce rate the greater it is for your business.

The only way to decrease the bounce rate is to hook the user’s attention in the first 2.6 seconds, provide information about what they are looking for plus entertain your readers along the way.

Seems like a tough task, right! But not anymore with the amazing techniques great writers use for engaging the readers. So, let’s walk through with me to discover.

1.   Create an Audience Persona

Creating an audience persona is often ignored by most ineffective content writers. Yes! It’s true you have to spend some time pondering your target audience. But it‘s worth creating momentum in writing content with the information that means a lot to them.

Before you get your fingers on the keyboard, pick a pen & paper to draw the persona of your target audience. For making this easier, ask yourself who your audience is, what are they looking for, and what writing tone do they like? These simple questions are the answers for complicated engaging content writing.

2.   Hook Your Readers

Most users decide to read forward or get off. Just by reading the first line of your article. Your first line should indicate the exact purpose & solution of their search query.

For hooking your readers: you can start your content with the pain point, statistics, or a question. These techniques are used by the most effective content writers and will benefit you as well for sure.

3.   Keep Your Sentences Short

The brain loves easy things and freaks out from uneasiness. Long sentences are often hard to read and that makes readers feel exhausted. Hence they get off.

The short and sweet your sentence will be the more users will get engaged. I know! It’s not possible to write short sentences all the time. But, you can always give your readers a break by using punctuation.

4.   Write As You Taking To A Friend

Observe! how do you talk to a friend? What words & tone do you use? You probably use some funny words and forge stories to keep them engaged in your talk right.

The same thing, you need to writing content for your web. Writing simply, making it engaging, and hooking your readers by adding fun is one of the golden rules of writing engaging content for your website.

5.   Implement the Inverted Pyramid Model

Since the 19th-century Inverted pyramid model has successfully been showing its efficacy to engage readers.

Inverted pyramid models emphasize providing the most valuable information to the readers in starting and writing the less valuable information at the end.

The science behind this amazing website content idea is, most readers are scammers and they try to find the information they are looking for. The earlier they would find it, the more likely they are to engage with content to find more valuable & interesting information.

6.   Make Your Content Scannable

As I mentioned earlier. Most users scan the content before reading the whole, and some of them get better off just by scanning.

If you’re willing to provide value to your readers. Make things easy for them to find out. You can use, the heading, subheading, bullet & numerical points, and bold the most important information in your content.

7.   Optimize Content For Search Engine

Adding the most searched keywords in your content helps search engines understand what your content is all about, and helps to rank better.

You can use uber suggest to find out high-volume relevant keywords and add them strategically to your web content.

8.   Add Visuals & Videos

The human brain is more receptive to visuals rather than text. Adding relevant images, graphics, and videos helps readers to understand better and remember for a long time.

9.   Add Relevant Internal Links

First, you learn how to write good content for a website, and then get on to the advanced step which is to link your other website content to the current one through internal links.

This way! you will not only help readers to find out exhaustive information you have mentioned in your article but successfully bring immense traffic to your other web pages.

According to the studies done by ninja outreach, it is revealed that internal links can increase traffic by 40% on website pages.

10.  Add CTA At the End

You provide value to the readers through your informative content. Now! It’s time to instruct the reader to take the action you want.

Such as: sharing it with your friends, downloading it, getting the software now, subscribing to our youtube channel, being part of the newsletter or you can even recommend reading relevant articles from your website.


Writing an engaging web copy includes art & science. We have walked you through the golden rules of writing engaging content for your website. Now, you have incredible techniques to turn your website visitors into customers. But, don’t forget to practice these strategies and make it even better by finding out what works best for you or not.