New York University Building


New York University is ranked as the 27th best university according to the Wall Street Journal and the Times Higher Education US College Rankings in 2019. New York University (NYU) is considered as the third top university in New York. The university is also one of the most prominent private universities in the United States.

The university is located in the heart of Manhattan. The students will have the chance to experience not just university life, but also explore exciting things beyond the university and within the famous city of New York. The NYU social life entails a lot of enjoyment and incredible experience. Here are the top five things that students can do near the campus to unwind.

Hang Out in the Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is an iconic green space of Greenwich Village (one of New York’s beautiful neighborhoods). Students, locals, and travelers alike can enjoy outdoor activities and recreation. From book-reading to kids’ playground, this park is no doubt a place of endless possibilities and enjoyment.

With an iconic stately Washington arch, which is modeled after Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, and a beautiful central fountain, the park is one of the most identifiable locations in the city. It has become the center of counter-cultural assembly for over two hundred years, bustling with all kinds of people both local and international.

In spring, students and residents can take advantage of the perfect weather and pull out a picnic mat to lie on the grass and enjoy a relaxing getaway. This kind of NYU social life is indeed perfect both for the outgoing and even shy students to increase their social skills and mingle with everyone else.

Laugh Out Loud in the Comedy Clubs

McDougal Street, which is popularly known as the Comedy Avenue, is located just beside the Washington Square. Students can walk along the street and enjoy a good laugh with the live stand-up comedy show every three feet. Some popular comedy havens within the vicinity include The Village Lantern, Grisly Pearl, and the infamous Comedy Cellar.

The students may even have the chance to watch the show of some famous TV acts such as Chris Rock and Louis CK. The great thing about being an NYU student is the privilege of getting discounted tickets or even free entrance just by showing the student ID.

Embrace Inner Aesthetics with Museum Exhibition

New York City is packed with museums that host purposeful and beautiful arts, both contemporary and historical. These museums may even offer a free exhibition from time to time.

Some museums are located near NYU and fortunately, offer discounts or free entrance for students, including the New Museum on Bowery.

Achieve Physical Fitness with Yoga

Students can unwind and relieve stress by doing some yoga stretches near the university in St. Marks Place. Students can enjoy a 60-minute yoga class with Yoga The People, which is a class that is free to join for the public. They can bring their mat or rent one at affordable prices. Though a donation (with suggested value) is proposed, it is not required.

Enjoy the Ambience and View of the Entire City in High Line

Another nearby iconic spot is the High Line, which is not far away from the university’s dorms. During the day or night, people can walk around the place and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the city. On Tuesdays, however, an excellent stargazing experience is offered. Students can enjoy free stargazing with their friends on this beautiful night.

There are many enjoyable and meaningful things to do within and beyond the walls of NYU. Consider the many options for entertainment. Four years may not be enough to explore everything the city has to offer.