How would it be if bars were ample and prices were reasonable? All within 20 minutes, no matter where you are in the capital of Utah, the City area brings you just that!

Salt Lake City. ‘Lively’ is an understatement. The city is brimming with life. You will find taps and glasses all around the area. Downtown bars make up a large portion of the heart and soul of the city once the sun sets.

People let hair down on weekdays, afternoons, practically all the time! So just keep a secret.

This article lists a number of places to help you take your pick. Whether it is that rare champagne for a special occasion or a couple of beers for a relaxed evening, bars in Salt Lake City have history, a great variety of food and not-worth-missing live acts, every alternate day (at the least).

These locations have well-stocked cellars and every night seems to be an occasion; SLC has a multicultural milieu, leaving something to do no matter how you hold your glass! Read about these places and find your favorite watering hole in a minute.

The Bayou

Beer belly, beer pong, beer goggles; if the world ever ran out of the water, beer would be a natural replacement for most of us! This alcoholic beverage is arguably the world’s favorite drink and people the world over love their “chilled beer”.

The Bayou has been known to host live blues and jazz sessions. It is where musicians and other customers get to choose from an option of over 300 drinks. The beer bar, which has been voted in the top 100 places to drink in the USA, has varieties of gluten-free beer, wheat beer, draught beer, local beer and seasonal beers amongst others.

The Garage

This one is perfect for people looking up their apps for live-music joints. At The Garage, it’s time to have fun with music while sipping on some drink or nibbling on some yummy food. Local musicians and artists perform here regularly, drawing crowds in large numbers.


Every place has at least one posh restaurant or bars that serve high-end liquor at prices that don’t really encourage everyone in the city! This is that place. With high culinary standards and impeccable hospitality, Pallet is the place to be if you want to try out the rarest and most exquisite drinks. It is a place SLC residents like to visit when they really mean to celebrate like Salt Lake City Concerts 

Whiskey Street

Mark Twain has been known to say that while too much of a good thing is bad, too much of good whiskey is barely enough. Churchill found the water unfit to drink and needed to add whiskey to it to give a better taste to his palate. Great men across time have been known to enjoy this beverage known as the ‘gentleman’s drink’. Enjoy some of the best whiskeys on the planet while you find yourself seated at their cherry wood bar, 72 feet in length.

Copper Common

This is the place to be in Salt Lake City if one is looking for great cocktails and an apt ambiance to relax in. This place whips up some good food to go along with their selection of wines and beers. But it is the cocktails like Old Fashioned, Mint Julip, and Sazerac which have earned this place a lot of popularity.

Bar X

‘Been there, done that’ kind of a place. A place of great local and historical value as it is one of the oldest bars around. It originally opened in 1933 and was given a makeover in 2010. By definition, a favorite haunt of the locals!

You surely know your type by now. Salt Lake is known to be a top spot for art events, shopping, skiing, and business. Most people are here visiting for at least half a week. For tourists, a week is standard, as this place has some beautiful nature visits to die for. So if you are in the city, on some evenings you will just have to pick out your corner, whether it’s for the music, socializing with people, an interesting theme, or just that great buzz and a memorable platter!