Criminal defense is a popular profession throughout the world because people commit crimes and offenses on daily basis. However, the nature of these crimes varies in severity.

There are general (less severe) crimes that are dealt with on provincial or district level, and you can hire a lawyer with limited skills to protect you. Even a public defender can be appointed. However, there are crimes that are far more complicated for general-purpose lawyers.

Even domestic assault is a serious crime that requires a professional to deal with. You can hire Michelle Johal domestic assault lawyer who will assess the case thoroughly, and ensure that justice is served.

Here are 5 serious crimes for which you’re going to need lots of specialists.

1. Child Abuse

Child abuse involves controlling the will of a child with the physical offense. It involves many offenses, such as:

  • Physical violence
  • Harassment
  • Forced intercourse (rape)
  • Mental torture

Child abuse is by no means acceptable anywhere in the world. There are severe rules, but severity may differ country to country.

2. Money Laundering

It is an act of shifting currency from your own country to another or vice versa. You can take a certain amount of international currency while traveling to or from the country, but there is a limitation for it. As this amounts to affecting the foreign reserves of the country, it is treated as a severe crime which may result in imprisonment for several years. In order to protect yourself from conviction, you need to hire Brampton criminal defense lawyer.

3. Narcotics Smuggling

No need to mention that narcotic trafficking is prohibited in every country. The smuggler of narcotics is considered to be an international criminal required by the countries where he has his business. There may be more than two countries involved where he may be trafficking narcotics to, and all the countries can conduct a separate judicial investigation.

Such person is blacklisted in exit control list and his name is provided to Interpol (international police). Upon conviction in some countries, the criminal may be given the death penalty.

4. Human Trafficking

Like drug trafficking, human trafficking is another crime which has almost similar punishments, but with some due modifications. A person can be charged for human trafficking if the documents supplied by him have been incomplete, or unwarranted. Both cases have different kinds of punishments and penalties. So, you need to contact the best Brampton criminal law firm that has the specialists to deal such charges.

However, in some countries, illegal enterers are considered as trespassers and they’re dealt with rather severely by law enforcements. They’re taken captives and deported to their home countries. Upon any resistance, they may be killed without warning.

5. Murder

Killing someone may or may not be a crime, depending upon the circumstances in which the murder has taken place.

  • A person can kill a robber in self-defense, if the murdered has threatened him with a dangerous weapon, or have wounded him earlier.
  • An apparent murder may have been caused by an accident, and the defendant is required to prove himself not guilty in the court. In this situation, defendant has to hire a specialist to fight the case.
  • Even if the murder has been conducted on purpose, a criminal lawyer Brampton can represent the case and protect the defendant, in order to minimize the severity of punishment.

In some countries, murderer receives the death penalty.