There are many different home decor styles, but only a handful can brag about being truly timeless. One of such trends is undoubtedly the rustic décor. It seems that the natural vibe and earthy feel of the rustic décor suit people’s taste and preferences best. However, styles change and evolve. Of course, you are completely free to decorate your home in a traditional rustic manner. The emphasis is on using natural materials such as wood and toned down earthy colors. Still, it’s perfectly possible to mix things up a bit and add your own personal touch to this rustic theme. Thanks to its natural elements, rustic décor can be easily combined with other décor styles as well.

Start with furniture

Furniture's in living room

As mentioned before, rustic décor style is characterized by warm, wooden pieces and this can perfectly match your furniture theme as well. Chairs that clearly show the curvature of the wood is a perfect addition to your living room. Sofas with wooden base also look great. You don’t have to replace your furniture entirely in order to get the look you want. Browse through flea markets and garage sales to see if there’s anything that matches a rustic décor style. You can use patterned, nature-inspired covers or warm materials to reupholster the furniture you already have. Moreover, you can repaint your furniture and combine special paint with a distressing technique to make your furniture look rustic.

Paint your walls

A painted wall

If you don’t want your walls to look bare, you should paint them in a natural shade that matches your overall theme. However, the true beauty of a rustic design lies in the exposed wall look. Of course, you’re very lucky if you already have brick or stone walls in your home. However, not many people can say that. That’s no problem though. One can easily transform the look of their walls by using wallpaper with stone/brick prints or faux wood/stone panels. The possibilities are endless. However, when the paint is concerned, it would be best to stay away from overly cool and vibrant shades.

Décor pieces


Naturally, your living room décor should match the overall rustic vibe you’re trying to create. This is a really fun part of decorating since you can mix and match different elements from different design trends to try and create a unique rustic décor. In general, natural materials and antique-looking décor pieces are perfect for accessorizing your living room. Raw forms that still feel elegant describe the rustic style best. In that respect, you can warm up your living space with a lustrous and sturdy jute rug, as well as large soft throw pillows with earthy patterns. Interesting wall clocks, as well as bold picture frames, will go nicely with the rustic theme.

The best part of accessorizing in a rustic manner is the freedom you have. Just a couple of bits and bobs here and there can warm up your living room effectively and add that forest cottage vibe that’s been so popular for years. On the other hand, you can let your creativity and love for rustic design guide you so that you can completely transform your place. Tablecloths with intricate designs, wooden coat hangers, detailed figurines, and pots and faded images on the walls all make a very unique addition to your living space.

Be careful with fabrics and other details

Ceiling lights for Home decoration

One can be under the wrong impression that a rustic style completely equals the vintage/shabby chic décor trend. Of course, these can be mixed together and they have some common elements, but they’re not completely the same. Even if you want to mix and match different styles together, keep in mind that a rustic design is elegant and simple. There shouldn’t be any frilly fabrics lying around. Moreover, metal décor pieces will also look misplaced unless they look really rustic as well. Your focus should be on the raw elegance of nature and details that you can get from this particular concept. There are no strong contrasts in fabrics, materials, and colors when the rustic design is concerned.

Creating a rustic feel in your home is not at all difficult if you take the time to decide how you’re going to go about this project. If you’re ready to invest in a complete makeover, feel free to do just that. However, even a careful choice of décor pieces and natural hues can be more than enough to spice up your living room in a rustic manner.