The Android smartphones devices are in everyone’s hand, so it is obvious that people also use download managers. Downloading managers empower users to download videos, music files, instant messaging apps, cell phone games and plenty of other things. People use these managers frequently at regular basis; therefore it gains outstanding popularity in cell phone users. On the other hand, all the data whether it is private or ordinary the data backup apps enable users to secure their mobile phone data whether it is downloading managers, photos, text messages, music files, office confidential documents or personal private data such as banking related passwords and other alike. There are following top download managers and data backup apps for the Android mobile phone.

Advanced Download Managers for Android

It is one of the most popular and powerful downloading managers which has the capacity to download the files as well as browsers. You just require tapping on the downloading links in your default browser. This particular download manager is compatible with the Chrome, Dolphin, Stock Browser and Boat Browser. Let’s suppose you got irritation from adds then you need to go with for Pro version along with a little fee.

Key Features:

  • It allows users to download at least 3 files at once.
  • It enables you to get more acceleration in downloading through multithreading.
  • Identify links through browsers and clipboard.
  • Back up your files through SD card.
  • Site management is magnificent.
  • The download will run in the background.
  • You can download it from Google’s play store.
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Download Manager for Android:

It is a free download manager for Android smartphones. It doesn’t allow you unwanted preferences instead of just basic and download folder. This app is reached up to 10 million downloads by the users. It empowers you to download any kind of files on your android phone device.

Key Features:

  • Three times faster download manager than its competitors.
  • It has the capacity to download HTML 5 pages and videos.
  • It is very user-friendly download manager.
  • Also, have web page bookmark management.
  • It allows you to the rapid search of speech and voice.
  • You can also download web page history suggestions.
  • Get the active progress bar.
  • It is Compatible with the Yahoo, Google, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Social sharing of the download files.
  • You can start and pause the downloading.

Android Data Backup Apps:

TheOneSpy Data Backup App:

The Android cell phone data back-up app empowers the user to back up your smartphone’s data in the shape of text messages, photos, chats, IM logs, voice messages, screenshots and media sharing files. You just need to install the application on your device, and then entire data and previous content of the phone along with the incoming and outgoing data will transfer to the TOS dashboard.

Backup Your Mobile:

This particular data backup app for Android phones allow the user to restore contacts, call logs, system settings, Wi-Fi passwords, bookmarks and as well as browsing history. All the backups can be stored on SD cards or in device memory; the data also can be stored on Google Drive and on Dropbox.

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If you are a user cell phone and you are using download managers to download anything you want to. Then you need to use the data backup apps in order to create a backup for all the stuff on which you have spent hours to get it.

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