This act should be understood as any business situation and negotiate it with clear conditions. If we do not have the option to return the money, we need to openly say instead of “disappearing”. wants to give you a few tips when it comes to borrowing money to people.

If you want to keep a friend, you should never lend money to him/ her – says the quote that is used in any part of the Earth’s globe. Because, regardless of all the differences, we are the same when it comes to money.

And statistics agree – research shows that every other American who has lent money to a friend or family member says that this act has ruined their relationship. Every third respondent did not receive his money back, while half the debt was repaid in parts.

There is no specific data, but it is likely that the habit of borrowing from neighbors is even more common in the past few years, which is due to the bad economic situation, or strong friendship and family relations in which the people make sacrifices. We are looking for a loan because we do not have enough finances for a summer vacation, excursion, a new car. Or we just need a small help until the next salary, which is not given on time, again. Only when things go wrong, and we start to panic because we cannot return the money. Therefore it is very important to remember and not borrow money to the friends that mean a lot to you and you want to keep them as friends forever. Because not giving back borrowed money is also a very common practice.

It is possible, however, that both sides of this “arrangement” come out without their own story. What is common to all “lenders” is the expectation that their borrowed money will be repaid, but, practice shows that this is not always the case.

It is also a common practice, for one spouse to want to borrow money to a member of their primary family (brother, sister, parent), and have the other partner disagree with that decision. In this, as in all other life situations, it is necessary to put yourself in the situation of the other person or to ask ourselves what we would do in this situation. In this case, would you tell your parents, your brother, and sister: “I will not borrow you money because my husband does not agree with it.” In translation, it can mean: “I have, but I will not give it to you, I prefer to keep it in the bank, who knows when I will need the money, so I will not risk, I need to agree with my spouse to make them understand that we are special. This is not really the right approach to things. If you feel that the right thing to do is to borrow money to your family, then you need to have a serious conversation with your partner.