Women always feel uncomfortable to discuss their sexual and reproductive health problems with anyone at random. Rather, they feel reluctant to discuss those with trusted health care professionals. And for this, the best healthcare provider is a gynaecologist.

Why a Gynaecologist?

Gynaecologists are doctors who are specialized in dealing with female’s reproductive health issues and treat them successfully. Many diseases are there those can affect women body very easily and cannot be detected easily as little or no symptoms are visible. Thus, every female should visit a gynaecologist annually. Various different examinations like breast, pelvic and other tests are done to diagnose problems and treat them. Thus, early stages of diseases and dysfunctions are get noticed and get treatment.

Best Time to Start Visiting Gynaecologists

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends that a girl should start consulting her health issues with a gynaecologist between the ages of 13 to 15 years. Gynaecologist helps his patients to avoid any future problems in the reproductive system so that it remains problem free. Any queries of the patient’s regarding periods and reproductive system is answered accordingly and with patience. Patients also should check for any discomfort and pain in vagina, lower abdomen and during urinating. Any changes in vaginal discharge or odor also should be checked and shared with their respective gynaecologists. A lot of us wait for a problem to arrive, but it is suggested that you pay a visit to a gynaecologist when you are young so that you can have an idea about the prevention and the type of problems which you will encounter.

Your first visit to a gynaecologist is bound to be nervous, but there is no need to panic as it will be an informal session in the chamber of a doctor and most of the time it will be about understanding you.

A Good Gynaecologist Should Possess

A successful and good gynaecologist should have patience when interacting with his patients. Though their nature and place of work are very intimate and hectic they should maintain a polite behavior all the time. They treat female’s overall health problems such as problems in the breast, hormonal change, urinary tract, any disorder in pelvic and cervical cancer. To know about the underlying problems a gynaecologist should ask questions in a respectful and compassionate manner to keep patients easy to answer. Patients should not feel embarrassed which prevent women to discuss their intricate issues with the doctor. A trust should be built up with the patient which influence patients to divulge private issues more easily. The doctor may have to hear the same problem for many times in a sympathetic and compassionate manner. A good gynaecologist helps to prevent any future problems in the body by discussing different health issues. They also discuss birth control options or methods according to patients’ age group. He will help the patients to understand her body and take care properly with expertise in hormonal changes, reproduction, and sexually transmitted diseases issues.

Finding a Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist has become the everyday need for females between the age of 14 till 50. So they are also available very easily in every nook. Gynaecologist in Thane are available in abundance and the internet is the best platform to look for them as you can go through the positive reviews on them.