A pregnancy woman

American women are having fewer babies than ever before. During 2017, 3,853,472 births were recorded across The States, which was the lowest number in three decades. This decline is putting the country’s future under scrutiny as jobs will go unfilled and taxes unpaid. However, the nation’s immigrants could be the answer to the country’s problems, if U.S citizens continue to delay having children.

Why are fewer babies being born?

Back in 1968, 70% of U.S families told Gallup that three children were the ideal number, however, fast forward to 2018 and the size of the average family is just 3.14 persons. One reason why fewer babies are being born is that birth control has become more widely available and the younger generation is being better educated, resulting in fewer teen births across the country. Furthermore, females who have their birth control removed may go on to use alternative methods of contraception or further delay having children due to a medical condition. When such a condition arises as a result of your contraception, you should always seek the professional advice of a qualified attorney.

The impact

With fewer babies being born, the future of America’s workforce could be significantly impacted. Vital jobs such as those in healthcare will be unfulfilled, putting the health of today’s middle-aged Americans at risk. In Arizona, the impact of fewer bodies has already been seen as birth rates have continued to fall. Between 2005 and 2015, the number of births dropped by almost 15%. CNN reports that the construction industry in the state is under considerable pressure as baby boomers retire and skilled labourers become few and far between. Therefore, an action is required to boost the industry and others similar to it.

How immigration will boost numbers?

In 2014, 23% of America’s births were to foreign-born mothers who were both legally and illegally in the country. With close to one- a quarter of births resulting from female immigrants, it’s essential such individuals are allowed into the country in order to enhance America’s birth rate.  Not only will immigrants increase the number of births in the country, but they’ll take on essential job roles and help to secure higher-paid roles for natives, too, according to researchers at the Wharton School of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania.

A decline in America’s birth rates is putting pressure on the country both now and potentially in the years to come. Therefore, allowing immigrants to enter and reside in the country will help to cement the nation’s future and prevent an already problematic issue from worsening.