In the world of business, lawsuits happen. A person these days can get the wheels spinning on a lawsuit against a company for any number of reasons: a claim that services were not rendered, ambiguous contract terminology, a perceived slight, etc. Essentially, if someone wants to file a lawsuit, there will be a lawyer out there somewhere who is willing to take it. An unexpected lawsuit can easily overwhelm your already hard-working legal department, but there is a way to deal with an influx of legal work: legal process outsourcers.

Our world is more litigious than it has ever been in the past. Companies are facing more legal action than ever before. The sitting president of the United States, for example, at the time of his inauguration, had been involved with 3,500 lawsuits – both by and against him. With an ever-expanding digital frontier and new modes of communication appearing before us every day, these legal trends do not look to be changing anytime soon. You need to be prepared.

Legal departments have become bigger and bigger across the globe in order to deal with this influx of lawsuits. But that is not the only way to deal with unexpected legal action. Legal process outsourcers (LPOs) are law firms that specialize in helping companies and other law firms get through tough legal stretches. Depending on their size, LPOs are staffed with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of lawyers. They can help you with everything from paralegal work to full-blown class action lawsuits. There are many reasons why legal outsourcing is so common in the work of business today. If you have a specific area of need, you can bet that an LPO will have someone who can help.

The reason for the popularity of LPOs is that they are able to seriously lighten a load of a given company’s legal department – without breaking the bank. LPO lawyers are “rented out” based on a company or firm’s specific needs, meaning that the hiring party only pays for exactly what they need. This is obviously preferable to overworking and burning out your currently existing legal help. Perhaps you need a lawyer for three months in order to help prep for a major court case, or perhaps you need paralegal help over the course of a week to sort through mountains of paperwork. You only pay for what you need. More and more companies these days are discovering that this is preferable to hiring more full-time help or expanding their legal departments.

Next time your company faces unexpected legal action, do not panic. There are a number of LPOs out there not only willing to help, but who specialize in exactly that. Your company very likely has nothing to worry about in the long term, but it is better to make sure you have the help you need on-hand than risk it. Keep your business running smoothly through times of litigious turmoil by contacting an LPO today.