Attractive beauty catwalk in fashion show

We all have heard the famous saying, ‘Beauty comes from within’. Well, it isn’t completely false because while you are thinking of competing in a beauty contest, inner beauty matters equally as your external features. People with good height, nice built and shaped figure often find themselves hearing to take part in a beauty show. It is a platform to showcase the efforts you’ve put in to make your body look perfect. We all are beautiful in our own way but for those who take care of their bodies with balanced eating, proper training and good supervision do deserve a platform to compete with others of the same kind. Henceforth, we have beauty pageant competitions which not only look for your outer beauty but tend to look for beauty with brains. Following are a few tips you can follow if you wish to succeed at such contests:

Focus on your personality

No matter how glamorous you look or how charming you are, if you have a bad nature, it will show on you. It is important to spend some time and focus on being a better person than you already are. You don’t need to look down upon people who don’t look as good as you or who are not of the same status, try to treat everyone with equal respect. You have to remove the feelings of jealousy, superiority and emphasize on being a more optimistic and happy person. Doing social welfare like helping poor kids, elderly or patients can help you develop a feeling of empathy for others which can help you a great deal in becoming a better human being.

Eyes speak more than words

This is one of the most missed out points by contestants who regret this later. It is imperative to establish a good eye contact while talking to people. Be it judges, audience or co-contestants, a good eye contact shows greater confidence. Not only this, eyes are an expressive body part we carry. Bold and beautiful eyes grab a lot of attention in comparison to shy and light eyes. You can use some beauty products like kajal or eyeliner or mascara to keep your eyes beautiful while you are donned in a pretty dress or an amazing saree. It enhances the beauty of the outfit and the face shows a different glow. You can also go through various offers on beauty products online while ordering such cosmetics.

Take a good diet

Everyone prefers people who can take care of themselves. Who knows what and when to eat and can look after their health. A weak person falling ill often is not a great example of health. Eating fruits, vegetables, salads and other nutritious products give your face a natural glow and your body the necessary fitness it requires. Create a diet chart with balanced vitamins, minerals etc and stick to it. Determination, patience, and care will help you win big battles ahead. But foremost, your food intake should be healthy that only benefits your body.

Learn to keep up a conversation

People love those people who can initiate and keep up a good conversation. People who are good talkers are not only intriguing but can make themselves look good by the way they talk. Talking is a part of one’s personality. It shows how social, approachable and friendly you are. Everyone will judge you on the basis of your words, The judges, audience, in fact even the people registering you and will form an opinion based on how your interaction went. So it’s better to keep a friendly attitude towards everyone and learn the good talk. Once the show ends, no matter if you won or not, but people who have seen you on television will surely like or dislike you on such criteria. That’s why create a good image for yourself.

Fashion Statement

There’s a difference between wearing expensive and wearing what is stylish. You can look great in a simple tee and jeans, and you can look average in an expensive gown too. So do not confuse the two. Make your own style statement. Wear clothes of all types- be it western, ethnic, simple, sizzling, all. They’ll basically judge you how well you can pull off fashion. Even while you are taking a walk at night, look natural and feel comfortable. Bring in the concept of day and night, party or casual and put your color combinations and styling to work. You can also view various offers on beauty products and clothes while ordering things for yourself. Not just the outfit, keep your hair in accordance with what you put on. Your accessories, footwear speak a lot about you too. Keep it natural, keep it stylish!

Don’t underestimate yourself

It is something overlooked by the participants. They often tend to look down on themselves. Whether in terms of body or clothes, they can develop an inferior feeling, which is wrong. They won’t judge you with respect to others but in respect of your own self. You have to show how worthy you are and why you deserve to be crowned with the beauty pageant. Don’t compare yourself to others and put aside the feeling of jealousy or inferiority, if any. Be friendly with everyone and indulge in conversations with all your co-contestants. Sometimes it gives you friendships that last.

Confidence is the key

The last, but the most important- confidence. Wear your confidence like a crown. Don’t hesitate or feel anxious. Being nervous is okay, but don’t let panic take over you. The best time to check your confidence is while on the stage. The way you walk, your expressions, emotions, speak a lot. Even while answering the questions, don’t answer what is wrong or right, but what you feel is right. Keep your opinion, show them that you take a stand and express your true self rather than pretending to be someone you are not. Read the questions judges ask in previous beauty contests, prepare from them, but don’t let the answers change the kind of person you are. Be confident and leave a mark!

These were some tips that might get you through the tough phase of being a part of such contest. The competition is stiff and people are equally prepared. But keep trust in yourself and you will surely set a benchmark for yourself. All the best!

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