Today we still talk about watches and style. With the advancement in technology, most people today don’t get watches to check the time but to add style to their daily life. Many people consider watches as the perfect items for classic men. Today they are for making a fashion statement and that’s why you will find every man in the market looking for a good watch to match their lifestyle. Just remember that watches are the only accessories that men have, unlike women who have a couple of accessories that can go for depending on the occasion.

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Men like choosing different styles and matching them perfectly with their different outfits and also going for some watches for changing straps to fit specific occasions and so on. In the world of watches, there’s more to think about when you are looking for a good watch. It also has something to do with your style and what statement you want your watch to enhance.

Style and watches

When you are in the market looking for the perfect watch to look good with your black suit, then you should at all times go for stainless-steel bands. For your casual outings, you can at all the time go for watches with brown leather straps and colored faces. For your weekend’s dates, it is highly recommended that you go for those with rubber or canvas straps and those that feature LED illumination.

When you are in the market looking for what watch to wear on a different occasion, there are some general rules that apply. You first of all have to take the occasion at hand into consideration. Think about whether you are looking for a perfect watch for lunch meetings, dinner with an important client, or going for a business meeting over the course of the week. After that, you are supposed to get to the market and look for the best watch that can match with your style hat specific day. You can go for iwc aquatimer if for any case you are thinking that you are going to spend the entire time having fun with friends and family.

We are now going to talk about the top watch-matching rules that are timeless and those that will work well on any occasion.

Match your outfit with your watch

In this regard, you need to compare two things side by side. You have to determine whether you will be going for digital or analog watches and if you are going to be in a dress or a casual. In most of the situations, analog watches are considered more formal and classic. What this means is that they are the perfect watches for your suits when you are out in a formal event or for businesses. They are also the best match when you have a classic date.

Digital watches have an LCD display while others have a LED face which shows time and other features including date and GPS data. Because these watches have a couple of helpful features, they are considered casual or for sporting activities. They have some of the features that can help people on their sports including GPS features and ABC features.

Levels of formality

Watches should be used to match the exact occasion that you are planning to attend. As we have already stated,. There are different categories of watches. Each category can be a perfect match depending on individual taste and preferences.

  • Formal events-use of white/black tie-For formal events, simplicity is key and for this reason, the wisest decision is to get a simple analog watch. A dress watch in a leather band is a good match in this case.
  • Business dress-If you are looking for watches that will match your business dress, then you have to go for a simple and a classic watch for all your business undertakings. The wisest decision is to use a diver watch or a dress watch with your dark suit.
  • Business casual-If you are going in a casual business meeting, then you should compliment your light colored suit with a smart field watch high-end chrono or a pilot.
  • Casual-there are several types of watches that work well with casual outings. You can get a perfect watch especially those with a metal band because they are considered to be very casual. You can wear any watch category with jeans, a chambray shirt, and dress boots.
  • Sports-For sports, the type of watch you go for depends on the type of sport you are about to undertake. If you are planning to go swimming, then you should go for a water resistant dive watch. If you are in a move to go for mountain climbing, you can get a classic travel watch for that specific need.

Remember leather complements the leather

The other thing you have to do to make the watch and our outfit blend well with your style is to check the material and the color of your shoes and belt. Start by ensuring that your belt matches well with your shoes and later match with your watch. If you have black shoes and black belt, then you have to look for a black watch band. For the brown shoes and belt, then go for a brown band.

Metal compliments metal

The metal case of your watch should match other accessories that you have. The cases come in different shapes including rectangular metal cases, round, polygonal and square metal cases. The finish, on the other hand, can be matte, shiny, patterned or inlaid with jewels including crystals. This must match perfectly the colors of your other accessories.

The above are just some of the rules that you have to implement to ensure that you style your watch and your outfit the right way. There are several other things that you can do and for that reason, there’s still room for more research.