Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the Perfect Consumer Engagement Tool?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 was conceived as the ultimate cloud-based platform. With its efficient data collection capability, it can also be the perfect consumer engagement tool.

As business becomes more interpersonal and customer oriented, the focus is shifting more and more towards customer engagement. With the social media creating a platform for the consumer to voice their opinion, it has become imperative that organizations now engage the consumers on their own, seeking out their participation.

This is not just an exercise in the perfect sales pitch or a clever communication campaign. What one needed was a comprehensive software program, one that would combine consumer data with business’ processes. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect tool in unifying the two.

What does it do?

In simple terms, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines ERP and CRM data. Effectively, this unifies all the data in your various systems, from back office data to consumer inputs. Not just that, it also integrates this organizational data with the larger inflammation flow — IoT technology and business intelligence.

This could very well be the ultimate cloud tool. Microsoft has earlier claimed that they intended to create a purely integrated cloud-based platform that puts information up there — easy to upload and retrieve. A quick access for people forever on the move. But how does it help one in consumer engagement?

Capturing consumer feedback: The various features like ‘Voice of Customer’ are designed as information gathering tools, meant to gather data from the consumer. But this is more than a mere survey. Remember, its origin lies in Microsoft CRM. So, the survey here is customized with greater control over questions as well as easier and quicker reach to various contacts.

Automation: The aim of most cloud tools, especially integrated tools like this is to create automation. Automation has twin advantages when it comes to consumer engagement, quick action and the removal of any human error factors. It also gives sales team access to various consumer metrics almost instantly.

Fast responses: There was a time when deciding on consumer response was a month long process. Not because the average businessman/woman’s decision-making skills were poor, but because information gathering took time. From back sales ledgers to production concerns, there was simply too much to process.

The direct consequence of cloud integration is the lightening quick access we have to information. Data is almost constantly being uploaded and it is just as easily available for everyone. This allows the consumer representative’s instant access to every relevant data stream, enabling them to take a decision quickly and effectively.

Better informed decision making: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 is actively gathering data from back offices to the sales reps. Not only do we have access to vast amount of information today, we also have the means to pinpoint what we need, to process data so that we can focus on the essentials. The integration of Office in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 means that much of the information gathered is also processed. This allows sales reps to take well-informed decisions. We can now back up our actions with research and relevant surveys.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 may be a software tool for better data integration, but its effect on a business consumer engagement can be profound.

Author Bio:

This article written by Joseph Macwan. He is a technical writer with a keen interest in business, technology and marketing topics. He is also associated with Aegis software’s which offers Microsoft Dynamics consulting services.


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