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30 MinutesOne HourPlus?

Some enrol in a gym and attend discipline almost every day. Others wait for the weekend to exercise for several hours. The objective? Lose weight and get in shape. What works better? Is there a “magic number” that gives better results in the exercise/weight loss equation? Apparently, yes. Find out here!

Those pounds or pounds of more you want to lose so much have been accumulated. Because you consume more calories than your body “burns” or uses daily to function. Physical exercise requires more energy (more calories are used and burned), which is why it is a great way to eliminate excess weight. Now, how much exercise you can give better results?

Any physical activity, with best treadmills and within what your health status allows, is undoubtedly beneficial and helps you lose weight. However, apparently, there is a key number, in terms of time, that seems to offer better results to a greater number of people.

How Much Is the Ideal Time to Lose Weight?

The ideal figure seems to be 30 minutes of exercises per day. Moreover, the “magic” according to experts is that this half-hour a day is much more feasible and easy to incorporate into the daily routine of more people, than other more ambitious options. In addition, it leaves enough energy and desire to keep doing more exercise, which burns more calories and, consequently, helps to lose weight.

The proof that this half-hour a day works in overweight adults with the same efficiency as one-hour sessions were provided by a study carried out last year at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. In the study, the researchers brought together 60 men who were moderately overweight and who wanted to lose weight. These men were randomly divided into two groups that would perform high intensity or medium or moderate-intensity aerobic exercises.

The high-intensity group was instructed to work hard enough to sweat, performing activities such as running or cycling, for 60 minutes a day. The moderate-intensity group only had to sweat for 30 minutes a day. After the three months, the study lasted, the results were the following:

“Men who exercised and sweated for 30 minutes a day obtained equal or better results than men who exercised and sweated for a full hour.”

Those in the 30-minute group lost an average of 2 pounds (907 grams) more bodyweight than those in the 60-minute group (the overall average weight loss was 9 pounds / 4 kilograms).

The researchers attributed the difference to the fact that men who exercised for half an hour, in fact, burned more calories than those calculated within their exercise regime. It means that, by doing shorter workouts, they were left with enough energy to perform an additional activity for the rest of the day, burning more calories.

These results should encourage you if you need to lose weight. From now on, propose the goal of jogging, running, walking outdoors or on the treadmill, for half an hour a day, before going to work or when returning. Half an hour a day is a goal that can be achieved. It is enough that you make the decision to watch half an hour less television or get up an hour early to give your body the possibility of reaching a healthier weight and improve your quality of life.

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