Real estate transactions are very difficult to handle as they include a lot of things like agreements, leases, appraisals, purchases, inspections, etc. All these aspects require an experienced hand of a real estate lawyer in Oshawa who can handle them efficiently. Any real estate matter handled without a lawyer can be quite problematic and controversial as well because of various factors. Here are some of the important aspects handled by a real estate lawyer who has specialized in real estate field.

Drafting of Documents

A real estate lawyer is a wonderful drafter of documents. These documents are very important to ensure that the buyer or seller involved in a transaction has a fair agreement without the occurrence of any obstacles. There are different types of documents prepared by lawyers of Thomas & Efraim LLP Oshawa such as transaction documents, agreements for lease, rent, purchase, contracts, and documents related to finance. While real estate agents are only good at helping to fill the applications lawyers can help to form them based on the interests of both sides in a legal manner.


The terms and conditions or interests of the parties in a real estate deal can vary greatly. Only the lawyers from real estate law firms Oshawa can understand the complexities lying beneath these terms. With such understanding, the lawyer can effectively negotiate the terms that would help both the parties. The negotiations can be done with the attorney of second party, real estate agents, investors, and developers.

Review of Transactions

A transaction is the importance of all aspects of a real estate deal. A real estate lawyer in Oshawa can either look at the ‘due diligence’ of a transaction after everything is prepared or be there from the beginning to ensure a smooth transaction. Generally, the lawyer would look at property title, environmental reports, tax issues, etc. to make sure that the documents are well prepared. The role of a lawyer during such real estate transactions would help the client secure his money or property from the second party in case of any malpractices or illegal issues found.


There is never a 100% rate of success in real estate deals or agreements. It is because of the fact that litigations are observed through law and the parties at hand. This results in taking the matter to the court. Real estate lawyers can represent the client in order to take care of such issues and ensure a fair trial. Moreover, when a case is filed in a court it is essential to have a lawyer because the appellant has to submit many documents which might be really confusing to prepare.


The debate or conflict between borrower and lender in situations of trust deed foreclosure and mortgage can be problematic in times of economic crisis. The lawyers help to either solve the problem in a meeting between the two parties or fight for the client in the court.

These are the essential roles played by lawyers belonging to real estate law firms Oshawa. If you are planning for a real estate deal, then select a specialized lawyer from the many firms and hire him for great benefits.

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