It wouldn’t be smart to run a gym, health club, or fitness center without attempting to win the trust and confidence of your customers. If you want to be successful, you should jump on the new marketing trends and start implementing SMS Marketing Solutions.

SMS Marketing

Few Great Ways to Build an SMS Marketing Strategy:

  • Personalized Text Messages:

    Whether it be used to acknowledge your customers when they visit your fitness center for the first time, or as an invitation to new clients for the health club, personal texts can play a crucial role. This makes your customers feel like they’re your top priority and helps develop a personal relationship. SMS is an easy way for you to introduce the programs and class details of your gyms to your clients. It can even help you keep your customers updated about any new offers and programs you may have. Sending daily personalized fitness tip is another great way to use text messages.

  • Smart Ad-Sense via SMS: 

    Ever wondered how much marketing with SMS will reduce your marketing costs in comparison to physical advertising campaigns, print ads, and other promotions? SMS marketing is not only cost-effective but also generates an immediate and effective response. On that same token, you should make sure to use strategic and clever keywords in your texts to attract customers. It’s important that your texts are short and to the point, rather than long and drawn out texts that people won’t want to read at first glance.

  • Make Your Messages Easy to Forwarding: 

    Sending any texts of rewards, offers, discounts, an introduction of new fitness classes, motivational fitness tips, etc. will not only build loyalty with your clients but also encourage customers who are ready to leave to reconsider. They may also forward your message along to invite some potential new customers.

  • Set SMS Reminders and Save Time:

    Don’t forget to send SMS reminders to the clients who have missed a few too many days at your health and fitness centers. Bulk SMS is helpful with this, and it’s a huge time saver. Automatic reminders for payments and pass renewals to your already subscribed customers is a great asset for you. In fact, management of your fitness staff members is a great way to give them notice about class schedule changes and other programs.

It’s easy to see how SMS can play a very important role in the marketing efforts for gyms, health centers, and fitness clubs alike. Its chief aim should be establishing a healthy relationship and strong bond of trust between the customers and the staff members. This strategy will help prevent your clients from walking out of the gyms just a few days after their new year’s resolution workouts! After all, your clients’ health and fitness are what matters most.

Author Bio:

Freddy is a Director of Marketing and Social Media for Skipio, the best SMS marketing & bulk SMS messaging company. His specialties include brand strategies, content marketing, and social media optimization. He loves creative writing and exploring new places around the world. I help gym owners earn more using personal cell phone automation in one-to-one coaching relationships with the masses.

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