Certain parts of southern India receive intense heat during the summers but that does in no way stops south of India from being a top-rated tourist destination during summers. South India, covering five states, is a landscape for a great number of tourist destinations; in fact, it is a tourist haven during summers. From the forest laden Western Ghats to East Coasts lined along with the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, South India is sure to keep the travelers’ interest intact and keep wanting for more.

In this article, let’s take a look at some tourist spots in the state of Karnataka which is bordered by the states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Goa.

Coorg – the Pride of Kodavas

When you come down south, you have a host of tourist destinations to thrill your senses and the land of Kodavas or Coorg stands tall amongst these destinations. Coorg is a small district in the southern state of Karnataka but is verily the largest producer of Coffee in India. Also known as ‘place of million hills’ due to its vast spread of mountains and hills and as ‘Scotland of India’ courtesy the British, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers looking to move away from the hustle-bustle of the cities.

Arguably the best hill station in Karnataka and one among the best in India, Coorg is characterized by an unending stretch of hills, lush green fields vastly spread Coffee and Spice plantations and eternal mist that spreads like a white carpet across the lands and forests.

Tourist Attractions

Madikeri, the administrative capital of Coorg is also the central town from where tourists can move across to different tourist spots within the district. It is about 265 km from Bangalore and can be reached from many other towns in Karnataka.

There are enough tourist spots in and around Madikeri –

Madikeri Palace—The palace of the erstwhile kings of Coorg built in the year 1814 by Lingarajendra Wodeyar II. It is a two-storied building and about 110 feet in length.

Abbey Falls – A picnic spot about 8 km from the town of Madikeri, the falls is a resultant picturesque delight of the Madikeri stream that hurls down from about 70 feet. The monsoon time between July-October is the best time to watch this ‘treat for the eyes’ as it joins the Cauvery river below.

Raja’s Seat – One of the most iconic places in Coorg, Raja’s seat (seat of the Kings) is a four-pillared structure originally built for the erstwhile kings of Coorg to sit and gaze at the beauty of the surroundings. The monument provides an amazing view of hills, lush green paddy fields and forest around. It is also an excellent place to observe the morning sunrise and sunset.

Kushalnagar – A town about 30 km from Madikeri, Kushalnagar is a well-known town in Coorg known for Tibetan settlements and monasteries. The Tibetan settlement of Bylekuppe near Kushalnagar is home to a few monasteries and popular among them is the Tashi Lhumpp monastery. The monastery reflects the rich culture and traditions of Tibet and is characterized by the huge imposing golden-hued statues of Buddha placed in the inner premises.

TalaCauvery—Located 44 km from Madikeri, TalaCauvery is both a holy and tourist spot. Situated on the hilltop, it is the birthplace of the Cauvery River. Surrounded by forest laden hills all around, TalaCauvery makes for a perfect nature lovers’ paradise.

Cuisine of Coorg

The cuisine is authentic Kodava with the staple being rice. On the non-vegetarian front, Coorg cuisine consists of dishes made out of Pork, Fish, and Meat while on the vegetarian front, cuisine consists of curries made from unripe Jackfruit, Bamboo shoots, and Wild Mushrooms.

Ideally speaking, in Coorg, there is no dearth of food or cuisines as many restaurants serve Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and Continental dishes.

Staying at Coorg

Travelers are assured of a comfortable stay at Coorg and the places range from private Coffee Estates to Resorts.

Coffee Estates – There are many coffee estates as locals have come forward to build cottages within their estates and provide accommodation facilities. Inhabitants of these cottages are in for a spectacular view of the surrounding lush green areas and the perennial magical mist in the early mornings.

Hotels – There are a few hotels in the towns of Madikeri, Kushalnagar, and Virajpet.

Resorts – Popular resort companies have set based in and around the towns of Virajpet and Madikeri. These resorts have all the amenities and facilities required for a getaway and multi-cuisines restaurants.

Reaching Coorg

There is no air or railway connect to Coorg district and road is the only way to reach the place. Transportation from all major towns in Karnataka is available to Coorg.  Buses are also available from the neighboring state of Kerala. For tourists coming from other parts of the country, Bangalore and Mysore are good places to arrive at, as there are a lot of buses plying from these two cities. The journey from Mysore is about 2.5 hours and from Bangalore is about 5 hours. Tourists can also hire taxis from Bangalore or Mysore to Coorg. One can take a suggestion from travel management platform to have a stress free holiday.

Best Time to Visit?

Months from November to May are the best to visit Coorg due to the pleasant weather. The monsoon time from June to August brings in rainfall making it a wonderful place for a honeymoon but not so wonderful for the outdoor adventurers.

South India is full of amazing tourist destinations and Coorg is invariably one among top choices for travel lovers. Interestingly, Coorg functions as a nature lovers’ paradise, Honeymooner’s hideout and even a pilgrim place of the sort.