Marriage is a bond of two hearts. The love between the two people gets stronger if it’s cherished often. Though every occasion for people in love is special anniversary and birthday gives you the chance to express it.

There are several gifts to give your loved ones but cake makes it all the way momentous. An especially first anniversary can be made one remember forever with delicious and designer cakes. Not only for yourself but you can get Online Cake Delivery in Udaipur and gift it to your friends and relatives.

Special Design Cakes for First Anniversary:

Red Jelly Heart Shaped Cakes:

 You can get the cake made in a heart shape and get the frosting done in red jelly. The flavor can be any of the fruit flavors of your choice. You can customize the cake with rose petals to make it look even more expressive.

Cake With Pictures And Names:

Pictures are very expressive and require no words, they say it all. Get the cake baked in the favorite flavor of your beloved and get your best picture and lovely doves names inked on it. Nothing can be better to impress your girl.

Chocolate Basket Cake:

If your girl is fond of chocolates surprise her with deep and delicious chocolate flavor. Order the chocolate truffle cake with molten dark chocolate icings. To add more to the flavors you can get white chocolate Chocó chips and chocolate sticks sprinkled on it.

Sculpture Cakes:

Latest cakes in trend for couples are sculpture cakes. You can go for multi layered cakes of single or mixed flavors and get a sculpture gripped over your cake. It can be any sculpture of your choice that can symbolize your feelings and love in the top notch way.

Red Velvet Creamy Cakes:

Red has always been a symbol of love. Red velvet cake is mouth watering and luscious. If you get it topped with cream or chocolate as per your lover’s choice, it can be a treat to eyes, heart, and mouth all in one go.

Naughty Theme Cakes :

If you want to spice up the mood of your girl you can customize the cake with your desired theme. It can be a bed scene, romantic beach mode or any other of your choice. Flavors, colors, and modes can all be selected by you for your anniversary cake.

With all the above cakes you can make your first anniversary a remarkable one. These can help you to enhance your celebration. This dessert along with satisfying your taste buds helps you to bake memories. The bakers in Udaipur are professional in making truly eye candy cakes for first anniversary and many other special occasions.