With the winter knocking on the door, the leathers have started coming out of the closets and boots have begun to show their beauty. As the winter catches on, the boots are being taken down from the boxes, dusted and cleaned to their sparkling colours. Winters and boots go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. But what’s important is knowledge of how to style them appropriately.

Styling boots correctly enhance the fashion you are sporting and boost your overall look considerably. Therefore, you must know how to achieve this. However, if you are a novice in this department, then you have nothing to worry about. In this article, we will discuss the techniques you can employ to style your boots this winter so that you look your absolute best and manage to turn quite a few heads.

Let’s find out.

     1. Ankle Length Boots

Ankle length boots are one of the most popular pairs of boots around. We all love it and we own at least one pair of ankle length boots. This type of boot can be worn with a form-fitting dress and a blazer. Apart from that, you can also wear it with a pair of washed and folded jeans, a turtleneck, and a blazer. The team that up with a hair up-do and you would look absolutely smashing.

   2. Knee Length Boots

Knee length boots are a fashion statement and they are here to stay. So you must make your peace with them. If you own a pair of knee length boots, the best way to fashion it is with a pair of skinny jeans and a nice-looking cap. You can let your hair loose for this look. The boots are going to add an amazing to your outfit. Or, you can lose the cape and put a scarf on instead with a cute hat.

     3. ThighHigh Boots

Even though a pair of thigh-high boots could be a lit bit difficult to carry off, it is a quirky addition to your closet. If you own one such pair, you can pair it with a short skirt (pleated skirt would work just fine too), a T-shirt and a long overcoat. Throw in a pair of sunglasses and you are good to go. You would look absolutely wonderful in this.

    4. Embellished Ankle Boots

Embellished Boots are one of a kind. They do not require much styling to look since they look absolutely lovely just the way they are. However, you might consider wearing an embellished boot with a dress and a long sweater, or, you can pair it up with skinny jeans and a blazer. It would look absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Try this style on now.

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