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Want to sell your home fast? Think of staging it. Since it is a well-known fact that prospective buyers are aesthetes (starting with yourself), you should make your goal to stage your home to improve its appearance in the eyes of prospective buyers. This will sell your home more quickly and for the highest possible price. If your home does not demonstrate enough curb appeal (when prospective buyers pull up to the curb in front of your home, it should have the utmost appeal to them), odds are the buyers will just move onto a more aesthetically satisfying option.

When staging a home most people immediately think of staging a home’s interior — painting, arranging furniture, uncluttering the space etc. Although the interior is certainly important, the home’s exterior is crucial (but often overlooked) in encouraging prospective home buyers to venture inside.

In this article, you will find the tips to help you stage your home’s exterior to give it the ultimate curb appeal and sell it as quick as possible.

Make a List

Your curb appeal objective for the outside of your home is the same uncluttered embellishing that you want indoors. The absence of tidiness and allure can be worth several thousand dollars and probably months on the real-estate market.

Therefore, we suggest you start the staging of the exterior by creating a list of things that need attention. Just go out to the curb in front of your house and jot down anything that “sticks” out.

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You may also ask your friend or neighbor to help you by writing down their observations and then combine the lists.

Rejuvenate With Fresh Paint

You need to fix any fundamental problem such as the roof, siding, cracks in the walls as well as doors and windows, in order to enhance and rejuvenate the aesthetic appeal.

Speaking of rejuvenation of your home, you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint. If the entrance door and shutters are in different colors, paint them with the same color. Choose the more neutral color and assimilate the pattern. This includes the frames around the windows.

Rejuvenate With Fresh Paint

Additionally, if you have a wooden fence, you should consider giving it a fresh coat of paint as well as it adds a lot of glimmers to your overall curb appeal.

Manicure Your Lawn

If you have one, a lawn makes a big first impression. Thus, you need to mow the lawn and keep it nicely edged. You may have to mow every couple of days until you sell your home. Of course, this depends on where you live, the season, etc.

Also, one of the steps in preparing the lawn for curb appeal is to begin a watering schedule. This will improve a wide mixture of possible problems such as brown spots, thatch growth, and the procreation.

Manicure lawn

If you already have a healthy lawn, all you have to do is keep it well trimmed, watered with Hoselink reels, and free of weeds and other chaff. On the other hand, if your lawn is off form because of the years of disregard, you may have to place down some fresh grass. Do this at least a month before listing the home, so the new grass has some time to grow in.

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Create a Natural Extension

Vivid plants or flowers can do a lot to complement the entry. To make things simpler for yourself, you may want to choose potted plants as you will be able to put them effortlessly wherever you want.

You may also want to introduce other flowers, trees, and shrubs to your landscape in order to create a natural extension as well as a perfect frame to the home. If you have shrubs and trees that block your windows, you may consider trimming or removing them entirely, because doors and windows should not be hidden behind landscaping features. It makes the house look cramped, smaller, and less appealing.


Clean up the area at the base of the plants and hedgerows. Moreover, you may add fresh mulch to the beds as mulch can make a big difference in appearance when boosting your curb appeal.

PressureWash Every Surface

Do you have a backyard that’s ideal for family time? A fully equipped backyard may finalize the sales, whether the prospective buyer is on the fence or not.

But, before you let a prospect in this part of your home, you should consider a full pressure-wash. Pressure-wash can make easy work of what is to be a tough job when it comes to washing of every surface of your home. It’s the easiest way to clean everything from accumulated dust, garbage, grime and mould that has settled in over the years at once.

House Exterior

Valuable Investment

Done by a professional or by you and your family, staging a home’s exterior is a valuable investment of time, energy, and money.

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By following these tips, you will create a unique, inviting ambience that will encourage any visitor to give a whirl inside and you will be searching for your next home soon.