Games and fun are what everyone craves for. You may be having your dream job and all those dream vacations at least once a year. But does that satisfy your curiosity? Does that give you the thrill you had when you were little kids and played all those funny games with vague rules but lots and lots of fun? Of course not, so let’s think what would happen when the child in you and detective doesn’t let go of each other? No conclusion right? The Xrealm game is the answer!

Yes, The Xrealm game is a game full of suspense, thrill, and excitement. To feed the detective inside you this game is the perfect food. This is an escape room game in Edmonton that gives you an amazing and thrilling experience.

There are many different kinds of escape rooms this game can be played inside. Each room has a different theme and a different goal to achieve. These are quite interesting to know and easy to understand, but thrilling to play.

The different escape rooms Edmonton are:

  • Castle:

    Here, you are deep down in the forest and come across a huge castle. Your curiosity takes over you and goes inside to know what is inside and right after that, the doors shut down. With all the exploration that you do you come to know that this is the mystical castle Alnwick. You also come to know the history of the castle that it looks over by a creature of the night. The only way you can come out of the castle is by defeating the vampire in the shadows. This escape room is moderately difficult and the duration to solve this is 60 minutes

  • Lost Empire:

    Here, you are in between an archaeological dig in Eastern Europe, which is about to conclude but the sonar system taking a sharp turn and you see a secret door. You get inside the chamber and the door shuts behind you have stones over it, sealing you inside the chamber. Your purpose here is to stay calm and find your exit.

  • The Whisper of the Dead:

    In this room, you are to investigate the Bram mansion, which of great importance and it hosted noble families, but suddenly many murders took place but the culprit was never found. The mansion sealed since then, but there is this whisper which stays in the hallways and the souls of the dead are still believed to be in the mansion. You have to release the souls from all this pain or be consumed by the dark secret of the mansion.

  • Royal Fortune:

    The game starts with you relaxing on a peaceful beach in the sun and you come across a bottle with a message in it. The message is an unimaginable fortune. Get the fortune and you are free.

  • Mini-Militia:

    If you are an ardent fan of shooting games, then this game for you!. Because Mini Militia is a fun Shooting game where you can enjoy and choose different types of guns to shoot as per your need. But, when you go for mini militia pro pack, you can unleash the locked guns and choose the best one to play, so, that your every shot would be very precise.

All the escape rooms are quite interesting and challenging.