Instagram is currently one of the most successful social networks. It is also the fastest-growing one: subscribers have already reached the 1 billion mark, a staggering figure that shortly promises to be higher and higher.

Being present on Instagram means reaching a large audience and influencing their choices and opinions: this, thanks to channels such as web marketing, translates into the possibility of earning by exploiting collaboration with large brands or famous publishing realities.

To obtain results in terms of earnings, it is necessary to implement a strategy to have a large number of views: to achieve this goal, you must grow the followers of your profile by building a community interested in your brand that follows you with constancy.

This article will explain how to increase followers on Instagram in an organic way, that is, without resorting to bots to purchase fake followers.

How to increase followers on Instagram: the mistakes to avoid

By clicking on the “follow” button, the follower is a user who decides to follow the stories and posts of another user on Instagram with his profile. With this action, the follower expects to receive news directly on his Instagram Feed (the section where follower updates appear), expressing the desire to be entertained; this aspect can represent a valuable advantage if exploited to the full.

In this sense, Instagram is an excellent tool for personal branding and improving your web reputation or generating profits. If you manage to have many people interested in what you publish, you can turn this business into a profit opportunity.

However, increasing followers is not easy: method, strategy, perseverance, and commitment are necessary. Many do not share this approach and choose a different path to increase their followers: they buy them. On some portals, it is possible to buy followers, but very often, these are fake contacts. In this way, you can certainly get many followers in a short time, based on how much you pay, but it is also true that they are passive users who do not interact with what you post; moreover, their presence reduces the chances of appearing in the “Explore” section, the ideal place to have great visibility on Instagram: to enter this section with your posts you must have many likes and comments, interactions that you will not be able to receive from fake users, which will serve at best to increase the follower count on your profile.

For some people, buying Instagram followers and likes is an instant, reliable way. There are various kinds of “purchase packages” available; they need to adjust them according to their budget. Several cases indicate that buying followers and likes can increase an Instagram account’s popularity to some extent. Therefore, this instant method is popular with many Instagram users, especially amateur ones.


Buying Instagram followers and likes is often a waste. Why? Because most of what is sold is robot accounts. Robot accounts only increase the number of followers and likes, but if you use your Instagram account to sell, even many robot followers are useless. They are just statistics, not humans who have the desire to buy, share information about your company, and so on. Got it?

You need a method to add real Instagram followers and likes significantly, and if possible, it should be done quickly. You need the GetInsta Instagram followers app.

What is GetInsta? Why is it recommended? Is it safe?

Don’t worry because we will answer the questions above below:

GetInsta is an online platform where Instagram users can follow and like each other. They do it all for coins. These coins can ultimately be traded for free Instagram followers, and free Instagram likes. So now you know where the real Instagram followers and likes come from. They come from real people who follow and like each other.

GetInsta is completely free. You can add as many Instagram followers and likes as you can (of course, proportional to your efforts to follow and like other users’ accounts, in exchange for coins). But if you don’t have enough time to do it all, don’t worry. You can get real Instagram followers and likes by buying. Unlike other Instagram followers and likes service providers, on GetInsta, you will only get Instagram followers and likes that come from real people, just like you!

It’s very safe!

GetInsta does not ask you to share your Instagram account password. So you can be sure that GetInsta will not hack your account. Take it easy. The platform is very secure, and there have never been cases of account breaches. Account hijacking can only occur if someone knows your password. If nobody knows your password, how could it be hijacked?

24/7 support

Once you join the platform, you will receive support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Whenever you have a problem with the forum, you will be assisted by the GetInsta team. Again, don’t worry!


GetInsta supports Windows PC, Android, and iOS. You can download it on your device without worrying whether GetInsta supports it.

Instant delivery

Every follower and like you send to your Instagram account will arrive in less than 24 hours. You can immediately check the increase in the number of your followers and likes.

What are you waiting for? If you are serious about your efforts to add real Instagram followers and likes in a short time, then this platform is the best solution you can get. No need to pay for nothing, no need to wait too long, no need to make excessive SEO efforts on your account, you can get an increase in the number of Instagram followers and likes quickly and safely!