Divorce law

In recent times, family/divorce law has been an important subject that is addressed frequently. Healthy marriages are suitable for the children’s well-being and the parent’s mental health. Children need to grow up in homes that protect them from physical, mental, educational, and social problems. It comes a time when the parents can no longer live together; this affects the children.

In Manitoba, the law states that completion of one-year separation time for a divorce to be filed. Family matters are sensitive, so you are advised to hire a sympathetic lawyer who has experience in such cases. The divorce process can be stressful, and you need to understand a few things about it.

● If your marriage has broken down, you and your partner have lived separately and apart for a year. That’s reason enough to file for a divorce. Your wedding can crumble if your partner has had an affair and you have not come into peace with it, or your partner was abusive physically, or mentally or for other reasons.

● A long separation from your partner does not automatically nullify your marriage. Divorce should grant in court, and the process is lengthy.

● Divorce terms can change. Once a divorce has been granted, a period of 31 days is given to appeal. When this period is over, the divorce is final and cannot be changed. Some matters such as children’s custody, child support, or access are never final since these terms tend to change according to people’s lives and circumstances. 

The first thing to do while approaching a divorce is to educate yourself about divorce and all the processes. Learn about the available options for you in your district. Ensure you have all the financial and legal documents related to your marriage and have a consultation with a lawyer. 

Things you should know about marriage in Manitoba

It is illegal to marry more than one person at a time. Whether you have been married before you came to Canada, you are still not allowed to marry another person.

It is also illegal in Manitoba to;

● Celebrate or participate in a marriage of a child under the age of 16 years even if the child wants to

● Force anyone into marriage unwillingly

● Marry a citizen or permanent resident who is below 18 years in another country

● Marrying a citizen or permanent resident to gain entry into the country is considered marriage fraud.


Before you get a divorce, you need to make crucial decisions like where you will live after it is finalized and how to manage your finances. If you have children, their needs are your priority. Also, learn about your rights and responsibilities. If you are concerned about legal presentation during this time, contact Visionary Law Corporate. We have your best interest at heart. We are experienced in handling such matters with the seriousness it deserves and understands what laws applied best to your situation. Since divorce can take a to on your mental and physical health, it is essential to seek professional help during these times. Victims are encouraged to join support groups or seek help from family members and friends.