A compensation lawyer already knows how an injured person at a workplace may get money or have assistance from family in such cases. In such situation, an employer is having the right to make claim for compensation with the help of some expert compensation lawyers. Well, if any person who got injured at a workplace is eligible to entitle to make a claim for compensation. Not, only this, he is also applicable to make claim in various other situations that come under labor law. Workers Compensation Lawyers Perth is a famous law firm that works in the same direction to help some needy person through effective techniques and other legal methods.

Which situations are not covered by Workers Compensation?

Each type of insurance has certain clauses and provisions. This plan is no different. There are several scenarios that could disqualify an employee when he receives benefits from a compensation package. Some of the most common can be:

  • An injury caused by the use of drugs or alcohol during work.
  • An injury that was the result of a fight or a horse.
  • Any entity caused by an infringement of the company policy (such as not working properly in the correct safety gear).

It is important to take note of these points because disputes can arise in the course of a claim for damages. An employee who has violated these (or other) rules will not receive any benefits.

How is the maximum amount of workers’ compensation determined?

The final protection that an employer must make is based on two main factors. These are:

  • An estimate of total salaries for all employees.
  • Insurance costs.
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Once these figures have been clarified, an audit will be carried out at the end of the year by the insurance service provider. Depending on the payments that were allocated for employee compensation, the company could be issued a refund or asked to pay another amount.

Compensation for work on a weekend

As for the size of the co-payment, it depends on the form of payment for the employee. So, for piece workers compensation must be paid in the amount not less than the double piece rate, and for those whose work is paid for daily (hourly) tariff rates – at a rate not less than the double rate

And those who receive a salary, compensation is also calculated based on the daily (hourly) rate. At the same time, if the work was performed in excess of the monthly working time, the employer must compensate for work on a day off in accordance with the generally established procedure

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