GB whatsapp

WhatsApp started as a normal messaging app that became popular with the masses, and now everyone is using WhatsApp for chatting, video calling, audio calling, and many more hidden features. GBWhatsApp has grown with time, and it is not just a messaging app alone but offers a lot of additional features that you may not be aware of. Let us learn about some uncommon and not so known GBWhatsApp tricks in this article.

1. Create shortcuts for frequently used contacts

Yes, GBWhatsApp allows you to create shortcuts for the contacts that you often interact with your friends, family, colleagues, clients, etc. You don’t need to look for the chats on WhatsApp, spending a lot of time switching between the chats to get the ones you want.

What you need to do is create a shortcut for the chats on your phone’s home screen. To create shortcuts for contacts, you need to simply open the contact and keep pressing it until you see a pop-up with different options. In the list of options, you would see ‘create chat shortcut.’ Select that option, and you will see the shortcut created on the home screen of your phone.

2. Hide your last seen status

Gb WhatsApp offers the feature ‘last seen’ that lets people know when you were last online on WhatsApp. If you do not want others to know your last seen status, then you can go to – Settings- Account—Privacy. Here you change the status of your privacy.

3. Easy to schedule messages

If you tend to often forget those special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc., then GBWhatsApp can help you schedule the messages.

4. You can lock your GBWhatsApp

If you do not wish others to check or access your WhatsApp account, then the lock feature in GBWhatsApp allows you to do so. Next time you don’t need to lock your phone completely to prevent others from accessing your WhatsApp.

5. Mute the chats you want

Sometimes it is not possible to avoid a group where your family members are interacting. You may not find it interesting to discuss so many things in the group. You cannot exit the group as it may hurt your family members. In such cases, you can mute the chats by heading to the conversation that you want to mute. Tap on – Options and then Mute

6. Changing the background is possible

You can change the background by following the link

Options—Settings- Chats—Wallpaper

7. You can search for old messages easily

You can go to options and search to find out old messages, which will save time.

8. No need to type. Just use voice control

Well, if you aren’t tired of typing your messages, use voice control wherein you just need to speak, and it will be typed in words.

9. Access the old account with the new SIM

If you are changing your SIM, you can still use your old account from the new SIM. Go to – Settings – Account- Change number, and you can move your account.

10. Enhanced camera tricks

WhatsApp now comes with 2 camera effects. When you are capturing images, you can change both front & back cameras simply by double-tapping on the screen. Learn more WhatsApp tips and tricks on our blog.