Coffee capsules in different colors

Today we will take a deep look into the most common types of Nespresso capsules. First of all, what are they? Nespresso capsules are made for Nespresso machines manufactured in Switzerland and they have been with us for decades. The company is a part of a massive and well-known Nestlé group so you can get a better idea about their size and popularity. Anyway, capsules are made in a different way, for different machines, and with different features. Below, we will list 4 main types and also help you understand their differences.

  1. Espresso

Espresso is the main and the most popular type of them all. For most of us, they are the best Nespresso capsules period. If we take a closer look we can see that they are made from high-quality beans, they come with traditional flavor and aroma and they are versatile. As a matter of fact, there are 7 different strengths to choose from. We advise you to start in the middle range and then try stronger or weaker strength in order to find the most appealing outcome. These are obviously espresso capsules.

  1. Pure origine

These capsules are espresso as well but they are made from the same type of beans and they come in various options. The pods are known for superb quality and one of a kind taste. Keep in mind that they are commonly mixed as standard pods so you may need to invest some time into finding this type.

  1. Lungo

Lungo means long and there is no need to explain more. All you have to remember is that the capsules of this kind are designed and made for tall or long coffees. They use 2 times more water and they contain 2 times more coffee than the first two types we have mentioned above. If you like and want a tall cup of coffee you will need this pod. They are also available in over 7 variations.

  1. De-caffeinato

As you may know already, De-caffeinato pods mean decaff and they are designed for people who like, let’s just say a different type of coffee. They are a bit rare to find and not as popular as the other 3 types listed above. However, the company makes 3 different types of capsules and they vary in strength and come in different flavors. We highly recommend you to try once these pods and see the difference for yourself. There is no need to add that the pods are ideal for all of you who try to decrease caffeine intake or who have problems sleeping at night due to the same ingredient.

The final word

Nespresso is one of the largest manufactures in the world and as you were able to see they have been making all possible types of capsules for their machines. Which type do you like the most? If you are still looking for the answer or you are a newbie to the realm, try each one and you will find the right one.

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