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The concept of ‘living in the moment’ does not really apply to technology. We have to constantly worry about the future if we want to change the past. This is a great point of consideration in the motorcycle manufacturing industries. Improvements which are all aimed at ensuring that riding is safe, simple, flexible, and enjoyable are made on a daily basis. Some of the revolutionary advancements made include electronic throttling and adaptive lighting. Other improvements are in the riding attires. These are reflected in the upcoming motorcycle men boots and the new riding outfits which are safer compared to what was used some years back. Let’s now critically explore the 5 most futuristic motorcycle technologies that will make riding enjoyable.

  1. Ride-by-wire throttle technology

Ride-by-wire refers to the electronic throttle control technology. This is a big step, especially for the tech enthusiasts. Have you wondered why everything is shifting to electronics? It’s because electronic devices are small and hence require a very small space, they require very low power to operate and their efficiency is very high. The electronic throttle enables the rider to control the amount of fuel entering into the combustion chamber through an electric signal. Here is how it works:

  • The ride-by-wire sends an electric signal to a microcontroller known as ECU,
  • The microcontroller compares the engine power requested with the current engine power and the motorcycle speed,
  • The microcontroller then evaluates the safe amount of throttle to be released.

With this throttling system, much control and efficiency have been achieved.

  1. The adaptive headlights

Motorcycles are not autonomous. Since they have to be ridden, visibility is a very essential point to consider to enhance the safety of the rider. The adaptive headlights are intelligent headlights controlled by sensors. For instance, if you are riding on a dark road and you come across an illuminated area, the sensors will detect the excess light and the adaptive headlight will reduce its light to maintain the balance. Also, the sensors can detect the lean angle when taking turns and direct the lighting array accordingly.

As a result of this lighting systems, safety in riding has been enhanced.

  1. Augmented Reality Helmets

This is another revolutionary technology that has already been developed. The AR-1 by Skully is an example of this helmet. With this helmet, the rider can place calls, access their GPS, listen to music and do all the basic tasks without using their hands. The helmet also has a rear camera that allows the rider to clearly see what is happening behind. These helmets have greatly simplified riding.

  1. Liquid-cooled engines

Traditional motorcycles use air-cooled engines. This type of cooling system is not efficient and as a result, engines usually overheat lowering their efficiency and lifespan. Liquid-cooled engines have a higher lifespan since cooling is much efficient. These types of engines have a closed and streamline design which ensures that when riding, air friction is not an issue and hence their speed is high. The performance of the engine is also improved since the fuel combustion efficiency is improved under cool conditions. This is another futuristic technology that has really improved the riding experience.

  1. Bosch’s stability control system

Stability while riding is one of the greatest challenge new riders face. Instability leads to loss of control and eventually, the motorcycle falls off. The Bosch’s stability control uses sensors and microcontroller technology to maintain stability while riding. If in case the motorcycle loses control due to some reasons, the microcontroller sends a signal that applies the disc and engine brakes and the bike eventually regains stability. This is another great improvement that promises enhanced safety.

These are some of the few futuristic technologies that have already been integrated into the modern motorcycles. Now you know.