Spring is a time for fresh starts. In a home, that means newly washed windows and a fresh coat of paint. Sprucing up your home will make you and your family more comfortable during the warmer days of the season.

Enjoy your spring staycation at home by tackling these improvement projects at the start of the season:

Update your interior flooring.

There is no best time to update your flooring than in spring. A new floor can breathe a fresh look into your home. Hardwood is a smart choice of interior flooring in spring. It is a key time of year for allergies; outdoor allergens like dust, pollen, and dander can easily get trapped on carpet floors. Hardwood floors do not harbor these allergens. They are also easier to clean and last longer than other types of flooring.

Dress your windows for the season.

Give your windows something new to wear this spring season. Takedown the heavy winter drapes and replace them with a lighter material to let the fresh air in. Light curtains also allow more light into your home and provide a clearer view of the blooming flowers and trees outside.

Pressure wash your driveway.

Your driveway will need some cleaning after the long winter months. To prepare your driveway for cleaning, clear the area first by picking debris or kids’ toys lying around. Instead of manually scrubbing your driveway surface using a bristle brush, you can save time and effort if you use a pressure washer for the job. A pressure washing equipment is available for rent in your local hardware stores, so you do not have to buy one. Using a pressure washer can give your driveway a deep clean, bringing back its brand-new condition.

Refinish your outdoor decks.

Outdoor decks offer a great place to relax and spend leisure time with the family. It is also a perfect venue for your spring and summer parties. Prepare your wood deck for use this warm season by giving it a new finish. Refinishing your wood deck will restore its original beauty while also preserving the durability of the wood material.

Invest in a new, high-efficiency AC unit.

Spring is the start of the cooling season. To make sure your air conditioner is up for the task, upgrade to a newer, high-efficiency model. During the hottest days of the year, expect your AC system to go full blast to maintain your comfort level at home, costing you high energy bills in return. According to the United States Department of Energy, switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner will reduce your home’s cooling costs by 20 percent to 50 percent. Adding insulation and air sealing to your home can also help increase your air conditioner’s performance and energy efficiency.

Install A Wall Art:

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Hire a pro to handle your AC installation at home

Get the most benefits from a new AC installation by letting the pros handle the job for you. Working with a qualified HVAC contractor will guarantee you quality results in no time. Get professional project consultations and estimates today!