The beauty of technology is that it is evolving every day. There are endless ways in which technology can benefit and improve our daily lives. Below you will find five unsung tech advancements that you need in your life right now.

1. Shopping incentive apps

Shopping both online and offline is an integral part of everyone’s life, but few people know there are ways you can actually be rewarded for spending. From ordering your groceries to purchasing clothes from your favourite online store, there are actually apps and services that can incentivize you to spend money in order to receive rewards. Some of the big players in the space include Ibotta and Rakuten. These apps can link to not only tons of brands’ stores across the web, but your local shops as well. For anyone who loves shopping, check out this list of reward program apps and services that can save you money and earn you perks.

2. Mobile Delivery Apps

We’ve all been there: you’re preparing dinner for a house full of people and realize you’re out of a key ingredient, you turn your back for one minute and your toddler has drawn all over your walls and you just used your last spray of household cleaner, or you simply run out of paper towels. These crazy moments can strike at any time and you may not always be in the position to run out to a store. Luckily, same-day delivery apps are becoming increasingly popular and are there to rescue you in times of need. With increased popularity comes an increase in variety, meaning you can get all sorts of items delivered to your doorstep. A same-day delivery app like goPuff can save you a trip to the store for even the simplest things like household cleaning supplies. Embracing convenience through technology can save you time and provide you with peace of mind, especially when you find yourself in a sticky situation!

3. Cloud storage

It’s no secret that storage is essential to everyone. Items like phone numbers, photos, videos and mobile applications are things we use every day to navigate and document our lives. They take up a lot of space and cause headaches when it comes to keeping our memories stored. A great solution to this is investing in a cloud storage service that will backup your favourite items, leaving you with more space on your devices. For just a few bucks a month, you’ll be able to back up your device to the cloud, ensuring all your items will be there forever. Cloud storage investment is a great option, particularly for people who constantly find themselves upgrading to the latest device simply because they’ve run out of space.

4. Smart home tech items

Black Amazon Echo on Table

Nowadays, it seems like you can do just about anything from your smartphone. Whether you want to control the temperature in your home or monitor your child while they’re asleep, you can do it all from the palm of your hand with your mobile device. Most people are familiar with shouting, “Hey Alexa,” when they want to know the weather, hear a song, or even be told a joke, there are some other home tech items you should try out as well. Some of our favourites are phone-operated thermostats, light fixture alteration apps, and even controllable lock pads and doorbells. Consider doing some research and seeing what piques your interest!

5. Exercise gadgets

For some people, exercising is a part of daily life. However, many fail to use technology to their advantage in order to get the best out of their workout, as well as their overall health. Similar to shopping apps that provide incentives, there are some apps out there that will reward you for working out! From getting in a certain amount of steps each day to burn calories and eating healthy meals, why not earn a little extra cash for partaking in things that are already part of your healthy lifestyle?

Some other tech gadgets that can keep you fit and healthy include exercise watches that help plan your workouts and placeable sneaker GPSes that can track where and how far you’ve been walking. Fitness technology is definitely a sector where advancements come fast and often, so be sure to stay on top of fitness tech news if this is an important aspect of your lifestyle.

When it comes to emerging technology, you’ll want to constantly be on the lookout in order to find out what the latest release will be. You never know, you may come across something you never knew you needed and suddenly your life has changed for the better!