TOEFL Writing Score

TOEFL is one of the most popular and demanded certificates in English speaking countries. It is obvious to enter university and a good start to get a job. According to this, the exam is hard.

There are many special courses, which can help with preparation, but the only way to have a good score and show a necessary level is to work hard by yourself. There are 5 ways to improve the score. Some of them you can use in all parts of the exam, but special attention we’ve paid to a writing part. It is hard to say what part of the exam is more complicated.

Moreover, this question is individual to everyone. However, it is important to show good skills in all aspects of the test, because even brilliant results of one part will not provide extra scores in the failed part.

  1. Practice as much as you can. Format of TOEFL is always the same.

 It is obvious for success passing to know the structure, the common questions and all you can explore from previous years exams. Find as much as possible examples of tasks and solve them. Do it day after day. Your mind should work as a computer without trying to understand what they meant, writing this task. Concentration on answers but not on standard TOEFL questions is a high score recipe. Even authors working for the most trusted essay writing service will confirm that without extra practice, you can get nowhere. Even being 15 years in writing business, you still have to study and have extra practice beyond writing papers for clients, for example.

  1. Be prepared, be confident and check all your specialties.

It sounds obvious, but without concentration and confidential you can’t control your thoughts. Eat before the exams if you need, take water with you, sleep well before the day of the exam, and come as early as it is possible. Keep your mind fresh and try to get abstract from all other things around.

  1. Control your time.

It is important to answer all the questions in time. Check you’re feeling about time passing during your preparation tests. First, formulate the thought in mind, second, write it, third, and verify the whole text. Research how many minutes do you need to every part of Writing to pass it on the exam without hurrying.

  1. Grammar, seasoned transitions, sentences, structure.

 Write clear and simple sentences. Use only words the meaning of what you are sure you know. Use tenses you never make mistakes. Prepare a list of hooks and combinatory words and use them instead of words like ‘and’ and ‘but’ at the beginning of the sentence. Follow the simple structure that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  1. Memorize as much as you can during the listening part.

Lately, you will use words from the previous part of the exam. Do a lot of training in making notes while listening. Make a system of symbols, which will help you with quick reaction and less writing words. Be focused, and don’t try to make conclusions while listening. Just remember and note as much as you can.

Using this list it will be easier to pass TOEFL successfully, but the best way or doing it is to do a tremendous amount of practice. Saying huge it means that a few weeks’ preparations are not enough. Remember that every exam has its own surprises and unexpectedness. That’s why even if you feel that your knowledge of English is fluent don’t be sure that you can catch all specialties of TOEFL from the first sight. Thanks to the internet, there are many open sources where you can find all types of tasks from the previous year’s exam. So if you decided not to use the help of teacher or mentor, use this free help obviously. Don’t be lazy, because it is possible, that the result is your ticket to the future.