.NET development, ever since its inception, has been the backbone of the web development industry across the globe and even today, in spite of the plethora of other web development technologies exiting, it continues to play its crucial role in this industry. Be it Microsoft or any other eminent name in this sphere, most .net development companies at presently looking to slash their infrastructure and staff and thus outsource .NET development to various offshore companies offering premium services. Thus, from across the web, below are the essential 7 tips which would help to choose any firm/individual, and offshore .NET Development Company.

Amongst the very first things to consider is the company’s portfolio, which will allow the seeker to compare and contrast the different applications developed by them in the past and also provide the opportunity to scale the scope of their work.

  • Company’s History

Another important thing to consider when looking for an offshore .NET Development Company is the record of their published links and previous work handlings, else hiring a company with no previously published links can certainly increase the chances of a receding business graph in the form of losses incurred – be it the valuable time,the paramount of capital invested and/or other resources put to use.

  • Portfolio of the Clients

Another great way to analyze the expertise of an offshore .NET development company is to have a look at their client portfolios. By looking at them, one can easily asses the quality of work and the scope of work handled by analyzing previous customers as well as the projects undertook, thus assisting the frim desiring to outsource the development work in their decision-making process. By far, a professional company will always possess elaborate client portfolios and are forever willing to share them with prospective clients when asked.

  • Efficient Communication

A very important aspect any .NET Development Company should ensure is that throughout the entire development procedure, the communication process with the client should be crystal-clear, seamless and efficient. It also requires streamlined communication i.e., not with much beating around the bush. Thus, it becomes an important aspect to hire .NET developers having good and efficient communication skills clubbed with at least a minimal level of persuasion and convincing power. At the same time, it also of greater importance that the ideas presented be perfectly understood by the probable company who is to develop the app as per the desire.

  • Time Bound and Bug – Free Development

Besides the above, another important facet to consider, when thinking of hiring a .NET Development Company, is its ability to provide on-time delivery of the required task and simultaneously, develop bug-free modules. This can be easily seen and verified via the company’s profile– whether or not it has a proven track record. Also, they should have the ability to develop intuitive web applications in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, the company being hired should positively have expert developers who are quick to understand the requirements, deliver on time and complete the given task within the prescribed budget.

  • Scalability and Robustness

Robust, aesthetic and scalable solutions at a lower development and future maintenance costs are a prerequisite to a stable and well-founded application and/or software. And so, it is essential to ensure that the offshore .NET Development Company hired should have experts who could cater to the above requirements easily and develop the required modules. They should also possess experience of working on large scale business projects, should be competent and be able to deliver the desired solutions, thus giving the seeker an edge in the concerned industry.

  • Legal Formalities

Following a strict procedure of contract with the offshore .NET development company is of paramount importance, which would not only include the time of service to be provided but also legal formalities, standard clauses, contracts etc. Thus, obligating the hired company to provide the suitable solutions in the given period of time.

Thus, whenever a need arises to hire an offshore .NET development company, following the aforesaid tips would make sure that no wrong choices and/or decisions are made and minimal losses incurred… Checking the previous record of the company, asking for their and client portfolios, gauging their communication skills,cautiously signing the service agreement and contract and asking for the suitable hiring model and choosing as per requirements will not only save the valuable time but also the ensure proper utilization of the huge amount of capital and other resources invested in the process.