Work can be rewarding but stressful. When it’s tipping too far onto the stressful side of that balance, it’s vital that you take time out to refresh your energy. This is the only way to ensure you’re ready for what the next day brings

Stuck for ideas on how to properly unwind? Take a lovely, long, deep breath – we got you!

Any (or all) of the following ideas will get you well on your way to relaxing and recharging after a stressful day at work:


1.   Savour A Sip

One of the easiest ways to let the day’s stress slip away is with your favorite beverage. For some, a British cup of tea is the perfect choice. For others, it’s a refreshing soda. Perhaps, for you, wine is the ideal tipple to tickle away the stress and help you unwind. If enjoying the wine’s complex and elegant flavor profile is the perfect post-work ritual for you, consider a wine club membership to get a regular and varied selection of high-quality wines to try.

2.   Get Creative

Whether you do some coloring, write a song, learn to dance, or mold clay, being creative is a great way to unwind. It’s been compared to meditation because it is so mindful and helpful when you’re tense from a difficult day at work.

3.   Do Something Tactile

The science of touch tells us that touch and pressure on the fingers soothe and calm us down. Can you run your hands through the soil as you repot a plant? Spend some time stroking your pet? Run your hands through the warm sand on the beach? These and other tactile experiences offer an easy way to induce calm feelings after a difficult day.

4.   Get Out In Nature

Nature is known to help us relax and feel better, and its benefits don’t just relate to mental health. A short walk in a forest, on a beach, or even around inner city gardens can lower your blood pressure while helping you feel more zen.

Can’t get outside this evening? Science tells us that natural sounds alone can help the mind and body relax. So pop on a tropical rainstorm track or some British countryside sounds to enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your couch.

5.   Hug

One of the first things we do when we get home after a hard day at work is embrace a loved one. It feels warm and safe and instantly makes things feel okay. Did you know there’s something to this beyond the simple comfort of being held?

When we cuddle, our body releases oxytocin, which reduces blood pressure and helps us relax. So, if it’s been a rough day, send your partner a message to ensure they’re ready with arms open wide when you get home! And be sure to return the favor for them whenever they need it.

6.   Watch A Funny Movie

Laughter is known to reduce stress and help us feel better. So put a funny movie on, speak to your funniest friend, or pull a silly face – these simple things can help you calm down and gain a sense of perspective on your troubles.

7.   Eat A Nutritious Meal

Sugary, high-carb foods can lift you for a moment, but when the sugar crash hits, it generally brings dreary feelings with it. A healthy, protein-rich meal delivers amino acids, encouraging your brain to produce neurotransmitters that help with mood regulation. It will also help you sleep better and rejuvenate you for the next working day.

Take a breath – tomorrow is another day. For now, your only job is to relax and recharge with the tips above.