Bride and Bridemaid

It is not easy to choose the right dress when we are a bridesmaid. Check out 5 steps we have prepared to make your choice easier!

How to choose a bridesmaid dress? The bridesmaids are the most striking women in a wedding after the bride, of course. That’s why they always look wonderful, which makes them feel even safer. In this post, we will give you 5 advice to get you right in choosing the bridesmaid dress.

Step 1. Know the Protocol Rules

Being lucky enough to be able to accompany the bride and groom in such a special way on their big day is something that, for the godmother, is often more important than it seems at first glance. This privilege of being one of the “star guests” also brings some responsibilities and rules that must be followed.

We already know that long party dresses are not suitable for day weddings, but if you are a godmother, you can choose a long model if this is the style you like best. If the wedding is celebrated during the day but the ceremony is civil, you should set aside long models and bet on cocktail dresses.

When it comes to makeup, it should be discreet and classic, with an emphasis on the eyes. When it comes to hair, any hairstyle you have will be the best option, although the type of hairstyle will depend on the type of accessory you wear. Definitely, the first fundamental rule of the protocol for the godmother is not to draw more attention than the bride. Therefore, the bridesmaid’s style should follow the same line as the bride’s style.

Step 2. Choose the best accessories

The most stylish bridesmaids are not afraid to use bolder add-ons. The most important accessories that can be used by the bridesmaids are:

Hair Accessories: You can always wear them, both during the day and at night. But remember that if your look is more sophisticated, it is better to wear a more discreet brooch or hair accessory.

Shoes: The most elegant option for the guest is the ballroom-style closed shoe or an uncovered heel peep toe. Avoid sandals and boots, even if it is cold. Wear shoes with discreet tones and let the dress be the protagonist.

Step 3. Take into account wedding shades

Although bridesmaids usually have the freedom to choose the length of the dress, and even the color, sometimes it does not. The main thing is to know that it is forbidden to use models in shades of white, raw or similar because the bride cannot be eclipsed. Therefore, avoid colors like ice, beige, pearl gray or white. Being a joyful day when something special is celebrated, choose bright colors such as blue, red, coral, green, mustard, lilac. Set aside black, elegant for events and parties at night, but not for the bridesmaid.

Step 4. How should a godmother act?

Keep in mind that the godmother plays a key role in marriage, but is not the protagonist. If you want to know how to act and when you need to be perfect, we tell you here. According to the protocol, before the ceremony and during the entrance is the main moment when the godmother monopolizes all eyes. Bridesmaids should arrive at the place of celebration about twenty minutes before the time of the ceremony.

Step 5. As comfortable as possible

Most important of all, you choose a model that makes you feel as comfortable as possible that you feel yourself. Be true to your style and you’re sure to get it right.

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