Concrete High-rise Buildings Under Blue Sky

With an ever-escalating interest in buying apartments in Dubai, tourists have been looking for loading to buy in Dubai Marina, just for the fact that it claims best living standards including vivacious lifestyle along with matchless facilities and business ventures.

Since prospect has no ending and cost quotient has no match.

Why to prefer Dubai Marina Apartments?

Strategic location, the attractive panoramic waterfront, luxurious living experience along with urban dwelling, gives a specified identity to the Dubai Marina in short. It does have unrivaled living standard in Dubai Marina since it does have one of the first and largest man-made waterfront in the whole world.

If anyone is interested in buying apartment in Dubai Marina, they can even be part of new vicinity named as New Dubai, which claims to be one of the stunning high rises along with matchless services at owner’s dispositions.  It has one of the alluring features; it possesses all those provisions, which one requires in abundance.

Different shopping spots, outstanding dining options, theaters, superstores, drug stories and bars, it possesses famous Dubai Marina Mall and Marina Walk, which claim high-class multi-cuisine, coffee bars and outlets.

Dubai Marina Yacht Club, helps to discover whole Marina, which includes 5-stars hotels and nightclubs etc. as well. Having an apartment here means not only access to an outstanding living but also to provision and supplies Dubai Marina holds, top among apartments in Dubai.  Fairly high numbers of apartments in Dubai Marina are available to buy and there is a long list of catalogues long with significant number of options is there too.

Due to ever-increasing demand of high-quality living in the region, consequently which led to increase the price. Though there are reasonable options available too, which demands expertise to find the property. In case of towers, presenting marvelous values in terms of extravagance and opulent living quality, here are options for those who have been looking to buy apartment in Dubai Marina.

  • Dubai Marina Towers

Dubai Marina Towers consists of total six towers; name was given to them after highly valuable stones and Arabic fragrances. There is residential dwelling, which take in studio apartments, contain 1BHK to 5 BHK and 3 to 4 villas too.

  • Park Island

Park Island is primarily peninsula-shaped living space, which assert as of best design in the whole Dubai Marina, taking its exclusiveness even higher. It consists of 4 towers including wide landscape and waterfront view. There are 1 to 3 BHK apartments from 700 square feet to 4000 square feet.  Opulent living standard, tremendously luxurious living and fully furnished apartments with innovatively technological features.

  • Marina Quays

Marina Quays is the nucleus of Dubai Marina; it is one of the most preferred developments, due to its strategic location. Tramway are not far away from the development which makes it very easy to stay connected with the whole vicinity without negotiating on the water-front experience. Beautiful view is unparallel and even experience is matchless.  It claims 3 towers, lodging with 1 to 3 BHK apartments ready to buy.  Similar facilities are available as at Marina.

  • Marina Promenade

Marina promenade is one of its kinds, featuring residential development ranging from premium apartment to podium villas. It includes 6 residential towers, which offer 1 to 3 condominium style apartments.

The whole tower is connected to common podium, which leads to parking, and that feature of development makes it unique.

  • Al Majara

Al Majara is 5 tower dwelling structure which offers high standard living just nearby waterfront. The location is unique in its own since it is closed to Dubai Yacht club, expecting a splendid view of the sea and horizon.  In the entire towers apartment from 1 too 3 BHK are available offering luxurious living.

  • Trident buildings

The trident waterfront development in Dubai Marina and Trident Grand residence in Jumeirah are best alternative if anyone, trying to find apartment in Dubai Marina.

It claims splendid view of waterfront providing high-class luxuries. It includes 1 to 3 BHK apartments along with 1-3 villas and penthouses to choose from.

Then, there is

  • The Sulafa Tower,
  • The Zumurud Tower
  • The Marina Diamond buildings (Though cost effective and reasonable while offering not compromising amenities.)

The Advantages

  • Dubai Marina community is lively, vivacious and offering a city life.
  •  Due to nearby two metro stations, Marina Quays is near to tramways, which in      other words offer better connectivity to it.
  • Matchless splendid view from all the units

Since Dubai Marina provides endless tourist attraction, advent of tourist made it crowded and in rush hours traffic congestion makes it very difficult to move. But if you want to stay away rush and congestion, Dubai Marina offers set of apartments, which are away from crowd, and you can go for them.  Options are endless since so many developments are under constructions.