With the advent of the internet and technology, there are many ways one can secure their home and convert their homes into smart homes like they do with their phones. The present smart security systems are highly customizable according to any Alarm system company they get their security system from.

Even when people are away for any sort of vacation they can monitor their homes and the alarms can help the neighbors get alerted.

Types of home alarm systems

The five types of alarm systems that are best for any home are

  1.     Electric Current Alarm System
  2.     Wired Alarm System
  3.     Wireless Home Alarm System
  4.     Unmonitored home alarm system
  5.     Monitored Home Alarm system

What is a monitored alarm system that everyone is talking about these days?

This alarm system is the one in which someone will be monitoring the home under its surveillance for 24 hours every day. If there is an issue that is worth mentioning they will immediately call the owners and in some cases, they even call the concerned authorities for emergencies.

Uses of Monitored Alarm systems

  • Monitored alarm systems from any company will be monitored by a professional monitoring company.
  • Any time the alarm goes off, the monitoring company or the Alarm system company will get a notification and they will be alerted.
  • The monitoring company will immediately call the owners to make sure that the alarm is a false one or not
  • By any chance, if they are not able to contact the owners they will inform the security officials about the issue and take immediate actions.
  • Even if they get hold of the owners and they get to know that the alarm is not a false one, they will get in touch with the proper authorities.

Reasons why people should opt for a Monitoring Alarm system

  1. For homeowners having a monitoring alarm system is more convenient than having an unmonitored one. If they have an unmonitored one, the entire responsibility of calling the police lies with the owner which is sometimes not flexible.
  2. In case of any emergency like a fire, the monitoring system will make the company call the authorities when the owners can make sure to take care of things that are a priority.
  3. With this type of monitoring system, there will be round-the-clock monitoring by the Alarm system company.
  4. They will keep track of the emergency situations like fire or carbon monoxide leaks.
  5. For many homes, there is a possibility where the company will reach even the hospitals if there is any medical emergency in the house they are monitoring.

Some of the best home security systems

Some of the best Alarm system companies and home security systems that are worth looking over when thinking of buying a monitoring system are given here.

  1. Vivint
  2. Frontpoint
  3. Simplisafe
  4. Cove
  5. ADT
  6. Ring Alarm
  7. Blue by ADT
  8. Abode
  9. Wyze
  10. Brinks


Over 2.5 million people face home intrusions or emergencies for a year. Instead of doing something once the loss is done, it is always recommended to be prepared by installing alarm systems from any Alarm system company available online after some research.