Sometimes it seems like the news cycle is full of stories about how killer robots are in our future or how we are slowly becoming dimmer as technology replaces tasks we previously managed on our own. However, this creates a skewed and unfair perception of innovation and technology as purely negative and unhelpful. 

Below are several of the most positive advances in technology that have revolutionized our everyday lives and the devices we have come to rely on. 

Enhanced Recreation Opportunities

Advances in technology have significantly increased the number of ways we spend our leisure and recreation hours. The rise of streaming and video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have greatly democratized culture and allowed for much more to be shared and enjoyed than ever before. 

Television, movies, and video games are more accessible, diverse, and immersive, primarily thanks to technological innovations. One of the fastest-growing sectors in the entertainment industry is that of online gambling. While online gambling was formerly viewed as being niche and kitsch, it is now a multibillion-dollar industry that grows exponentially year on year. 

One of the biggest developers in the industry is a company named Quickspin, and its games are so popular that people are clamoring to find platforms where to play Quickspin games. The popularity of the online gambling industry is again primarily due to advances in tech, which have allowed game developers to create visually engaging, fun, and exciting games. 

Advances in Healthcare

Technology has dramatically increased the healthcare we can provide around the world. There are now surgical practices that surgeons could never have guessed would be possible a few decades ago. Improved robotics, lasers, and medical device innovation have transformed treatment methods. 

Gene sequencing is now so efficient that some companies are establishing gene databases to review someone’s genetic disposition to certain diseases or illnesses. This type of predictive healthcare relies on Artificial Intelligence, and it could save millions of lives in the future. 

Smarter, Faster, Better

Some of the most exciting and beneficial technological innovations have been minor changes that impact our everyday lives. These include everything from sifting through thousands of people to find someone you are compatible with on a dating site, saving money by comparing prices via online shopping, or managing to avoid poor services after reading review aggregators. 

While it can be tempting to praise technology and view innovation as a source of infinite benefit and goodness, it is important also to avoid tech chauvinism. Technology itself will not save anyone or anything, and it often goes awry when left on its own. It is essential to accept technology for it and not what we want it to be.