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In order to create 2D & 3D animations for films, video games, mobile media or websites, animators use powerful software for animations on the computer. Nowadays, the role of sculpting and drawing still in but cutting-edge technologies are expending the horizon of the field. Many animators are self-employed and work from home and often always looking for freelance assignments. Many animators are employed by companies and studios for full time and on the other hand, many animators have to work day and night or even on weekends. Actually, to become a better animator, you need a high configuration laptop or computer to run the software or else it could cause the hanging problem. So, If you want to buy a laptop at a discounted price, you may use the coupon codes here.

Requirements for Animator

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Certification minimum
  • Fine Arts, Graphics Arts or Computer Animation field
  • On Job training or company specific software training
  • Entry-level with 1-year experience or more than 3 years for mid or advanced level
  • Time management skills, creative, artistic, communication, good knowledge of video editing and animation software

Completing the bachelor`s degree in animation program helps the students to get high skill set of art and make them proficient in the technology using in industry. There are the number of fields to choose from in animation industry like visual or special effects, animation for website, film, videos, or gaming. Basic courses often include art, drawing, multimedia, 2D-3D animation, and graphics.

Gaining Experience

To make a place in the market, animators must gain experience and they are usually preferred.  Many students earn on the job experience as a part of their internship and graduation requirement.

Proficiency level

Animators must remain competitive and efficient to maintain their proficiency level with latest technologies.  They can increase their proficiency by taking classes that teach latest technologies and address the industry requirements and trends. Many colleges offer these types of classes while companies like Apple, Adobe or Autodesk are few to name.

University Level

Another career advancement option is to take graduate training by taking admission into Master`s program to prepare for a more higher level position in an industry. New ideas can be gained by collaborative teamwork and network with leading animators in gaming or film industry or by taking workshops, seminars or online lectures.

Behold! The Portfolio

Any animator without portfolio is like a building without the foundation. It is not 100% important but it will allow animators to visualize their showcase of talents and passion for creating animations.  It helps to prove the employers what you are capable of and it can help to outweigh the institution and other credentials. The animator must not waste his/her time to create a heavy portfolio but they must spend the time to highlight their personality with their projects and creativity.

Always remember that one must go through many times in this process and find someone who clicks and be open to others who are mentors no matter how old are they.  One can keep learning until the end. That wraps up the process to become an animator with some feasible tips and we try our best to highlight the key points in this short prologue to make you one step closer to becoming an animator.