The people having small living room spaces often get confused about a contemporary renovation. Everyone looks for a specific interior, which makes small spaces cozy. Therefore, to bring a sleek touch to the living room, the property owners should follow a few tips to zoom out their square footage at a glance.

Starting from the backdrop is the prettiest part of current renovation planning. A striking mural can be the artistic backdrop of a small but trendy living room. In terms of modish renovation of small living rooms, people love to prefer the packages of tiny home builders Texas.

The following points represent some whole small living room renovation ideas:

Selection of Multifunctional Furniture

During buying furniture, the property owners should focus on the functionality of the table rather than the looks. Style matters a lot. But due to selecting some antique patterns, the homeowners should not compromise the matter functionality.

In recent times, trendy furniture comes with extra storage. So, by bringing this type of furniture home, the homeowners can make their living room cozy.

Sometimes, for hosting overnight guests, people suffer due to a lack of flexibility. Sofa cum beds can be the prettiest collection for small living rooms in these cases. Buying nesting furniture is another stunning idea to enhance the functionality level of the living room items. Nesting coffee tables do not consume much floor space and save a stylish living room from being messy.

Planning of On Spot Storage

The planning of flexible storage is a significant concern in a small living room. According to the renovation concept of tiny home builder Texas, any contemporary living room should have a clutter-free ambiance. But this concept does not suggest packing everything inside showcases. The aesthetic combination of open and closed storage resolves both functionality and flexibility issues.

Keeping traditional bookshelves and nesting drawers for coffee tables can meet both current requirements of looks and storage needs.

Trendy Design

The traditional concept of living room renovation suggests pushing all furniture against walls to keep the floor free. But the latest ideas for a small and cozy living room suggest pulling the nesting furniture to the center of the room. And this concept prepares a small living room to bring a feel of an airy ambiance.

Therefore, the floating concept of centered furniture on the floor easily creates a broader impression in the living rooms.

Disguise TV

In the small living rooms, the positioning of the TV on bright walls creates an irritating look of a black hole. So, the property owners should select dark colors for the wall. This concept represents the TV on the wall as a natural object.

While in-built storages break the color combination of decors, aesthetic designs of wooden mantles always bring a pleasing feel to living rooms.


According to the trendy living room concept of tiny home builders in Texas, property owners should focus on different types of wall paneling. Shiplap or vertical paneling is a top-rated option to reveal the stylish texture aesthetic in a small living room.