Everyone knows that water damage is not a silly thing. This will be a starting point after which there will be a series of more serious problems that can affect the building, property and even may risk the health of the occupants.

There are many companies that can help in restoring when there is Houston water damage in any commercial or domestic house.

While hiring the contractor one should be very careful because if the contractor is not experienced enough he might make problems more and will even risk the health conditions of the people.

When to start the restoration process?

It is recommended to start the water damage restoration process immediately. That means the water leak should be stopped and controlled within 24 hours and the process of restoration should also be started in those 24 hours itself in order to reduce any more damage.

And if the water becomes stagnant for more than 36 to 48 hours there might be a possibility for the formation of mold and hence the water should be drained from all the affected areas within 48 hours in order to prevent mold growth.

What exactly is water damage restoration?

There are many names for the Houston water damage and some of them include

  • Water removal
  • Water extraction
  • Flood cleanup
  • Water mitigation

The water damage restoration is the complete process that is involved in the water cleanup from the start to the end which means from removing of water to the restoration of items back to their place after drying the whole building.

Things to check in the restoration agency or contractor before hiring

Always check for the following criteria before selecting the contractor for the Houston water damage restoration activities.

  • Check the reviews and talk with the people who already employed them in order to make sure that their work is 100 percent satisfactory
  • Check the estimate that they will give after checking the house before starting the work for free and compare those estimates with other contractors.
  • Make sure that the Houston water damage restoration contractor agency is fully licensed and insured properly.
  • The agency should have a 24-hour emergency service as there might be sudden requirements even during or after the restoration process during which they might have to help.
  • The agency should work in hand with the insurance agency in order to have a smooth restoration process after the tragedy.

Steps involved in the restoration process:

  • The professionals will come and visit the home in order to make a detailed assessment. They have to locate the area of damage and classify damage on the scale of class 1 to 4, in which class 1 is relatively lower damage.
  • They will then proceed to remove the water from the home using the water extraction technique.
  • This will be followed by drying and dehumidification as water has to be dried.
  • They will clean the house in a professional way and sanitize the home afterward.
  • At last, they will restore all the materials depending on the level they got damaged. Depending on that they will either remove or repair the item before restoring it.


This process is a time-sensitive process and an emergency as the restoration has to happen after the destruction and Houston water damage.