Image of a big generator for home

One of the things that people enjoy the most is the peace that they can find right in their homes. What you have at home is a wave of peace and quiet away from everything that can cause you stress. It is a place where you can shut everything off and just be free and be unbothered. It is a place where you can finally free your mind and relax.

Your home is your domain and it should be a place where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. However, it is not always like that as there are many things in the home and around it that can destroy the peace.

Noise and other stressors can become agents that destroy the peacefulness of your domain. Noisy neighbors, cars passing by, loud children, and even the construction across the street can all contribute to destroying your peace. Nagging wives and drunken husbands can also instantly stress you out. Visit this link for tips to bring inner peace to your life.

Another source of stress is when there is a power interruption and you have to use the generator which makes such an annoying noise that no matter how you try, it will keep on bugging you until you can turn it off. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Generators make a very annoying buzzing sound that can make you grind your teeth but there are ways that you can make that generator quiet and get your peace back again.

Here are some of the ways that you can quiet down that generator:

Use Sound Muffling Materials

Generators are noisy because that’s how they work. But there are things that we can put around it to muffle the sound down. However, you need to be careful in quieting it down as it needs a lot of ventilation due to the carbon dioxide that it emits. You need to also make sure that it does not overheat so that it won’t blow up and cause a fire. What you can do is to put it in a space that will absorb the sound that it makes.

Sound is absorbed by materials that have a lot of air pockets like foam and fibrous materials like carpets and curtains. You can start soundproofing the room like how the Soundproof Pros do it where your generator is fully covered with these materials.

Aside from these, you can also create a box for the generator using MDF boards or a medium density fiberboard. Then you can cover it with MLV or mass loaded vinyl which is also the first layer of insulation. This will help keep the sound of the generator inside. To make the soundproofing even more effective, you can add a layer of insulating foam around the box to muffle the sounds even more. Then lastly, add a ventilation duct to make sure that your generator gets enough ventilation.

Transfer the Generator

One of the best things that you can do to reduce the noise that the generator is giving you is by transferring to a location where you cannot hear the sound from it. You can do this by putting the generator in the separate garage or a room outside in your backyard specifically made only for the generator.

This way, the noise from the generator will be muffled by the room where you placed the generator in and the noise is, then, effectively reduced by the walls of your house. Transferring it to a different location farther from you is one of the most effective ways that you can reduce the loud sounds that might be able to annoy you. Click here for more tips on soundproofing.

Power of the Generator

One of the ways to determine how loud a generator is by the power it generates. The stronger this machine is, the louder it is. If you don’t need a lot of power to power your home, then don’t get a bigger machine. It is not just loud but it is also not cost-effective. You will be wasting money on gasoline while using less power than it can generate. Make sure that the alternator you buy is only enough to power what you need when there is a power outage.

Generators may be loud and noisy machines but they are also necessary in keeping the power in your place when there are power interruptions. Since they are essential, it is better to just make sure to reduce the noise that it makes so that you won’t get too annoyed from it.

The good thing about alternator is that you don’t really have to use them for a very long time since power interruptions don’t last that long. So just relax and don’t mind the noise as much as possible because it won’t last that long anyway.