Renovating house 1

Whether you wish to upgrade your kitchen, lay new floor tiles in the bathroom or add a feature wall to a tired looking room, there are so many affordable options that allow you to update your home on a budget. Before you settle on any design ideas, one of the best routes to take is to project manage your renovation yourself. Although this may take up more of your time, it is a lot more cost effective, and the savings will be worth it in the long run. The majority of homeowners undergoing a renovation on a budget find the cheapest tradesmen with the best deals and project manages the build themselves. This role should not be underestimated as you are in complete control of what you spend on labour and materials. Here are some ideas of how you can add an extra bit of love back into your home.


Your stairs are often the part of your home, apart from the exterior, that people look at first. Therefore, you should aim to create an impression with your stair design. There are many ways in which you can make your stairs create more of an impact, at little cost. Why not place down a stylish stair runner? Not only does this transforms your stairs into a statement but also protects your flooring from wear and tear. Injecting some colour into your hallway can look inviting, so opt for a bold print to make a big impact or go classy with some subtle neutral tones.


Your fireplace is what makes your lounge feel warm and cozy, as well as being a beautiful focal point in any room. Fireplaces have been on an up and down journey over the years as homeowners have loved to hate them and hated to love them. During the 1970s and 80s, many homeowners ripped out their fireplaces due to being majorly unpopular. But nowadays, a fireplace just might be the thing that brings the most character into your home. If you have a bare chimney breast or empty fireplace, why not replace the surround? You can pick up some modern pieces or opt to go traditional and look for marble or cast-iron alternatives for next to nothing at reclamation yards or eBay.

Cosmetic Overhaul

A property that looks tired and rundown with outdated décor and an array of clutter can be easily and quickly transformed through a complete overhaul. Being clever with this is the secret of keeping costs to a bare minimum, and can often result in adding 5-10% to the overall value of the property.

Throwing out old carpets and stripping your home back to basics is a great starting point. Get rid of any outdated furnishings and fixtures and replace them with modern versions. This could be as cheap as buying some new rugs, blankets or throw cushions. When you come to replacing your furnishings, perhaps adding neutral shades is the best plan going forward. This ensures that you can take your furniture with you from home to home, should you wish to relocate, and they still fit in with the new décor.

Property investment companies like RW Invest furnish their properties in soft neutral tones as these appeal to a wider demographic and hold their value well over the forthcoming years as they are less likely to look dated, saving the owner the time and money decorating.