House with solar panel on the roof

Residential solar panels offer many benefits, however, not everyone is familiar with renewable technology. If you want to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price, then there are a few things you should know about listing a house with solar panels.

Buyer Opinions on Solar Panels May Vary

Solar panels can add value to your home, but it isn’t a guarantee. While some buyers may appreciate a property that comes with renewable energy, others may not. They may not see the value in a solar system and may not be willing to pay more for it.

That’s why it is up to the seller to make sure that potential buyers are aware of the benefits of the system. This may become easier as solar grows in popularity, but you should still be prepared with a list of benefits in your mind or on paper.

If you work with a real estate agent, make sure they are also aware of the benefits so that they can convey that information to interested parties. Some possible highlights include:

  • The Sun is a Powerful Energy Source

The sun is the most powerful energy source that we can tap into on planet Earth. It delivers more energy in one hour than the global population consumes in a year. Since the sun is predicted to be around for another five billion years, that means it is a nearly limitless resource.

  • Solar Energy is Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is a great way to live cleaner and greener. It promotes air purity and reduces respiratory and cardiovascular health problems. It’s not a resource that can spill into the environment and cause long-term damage, and it reduces carbon emissions.

  • Share Your Solar System Stats

Solar systems come in different sizes. Have your stats ready to share with potential buyers. Let them know its capacity. Also, discuss any warranties that apply to the system as well as how much life expectancy is remaining.

Some buyers are concerned about having to pay to reinstall a new system after the current array reaches its life expectancy. They may also worry about damage to the roof or structural integrity. Be ready to answer these questions so buyers can make informed decisions based on facts rather than myths or assumptions.

  • Discuss Financial Savings

Financial savings are a big selling point when it comes to renewable energy. Even if a buyer isn’t concerned about global warming, they may like the idea of cutting monthly utility costs.

The average home can save $10,000 to $30,000 over the lifetime of the solar system. The amount will vary based on property-specific variables. Have information ready on how much your system cuts costs. If you are willing to, gather data from your pre-installation electric bills and compare it to your post-installation bills to demonstrate savings.

You should also do some research and gather the property values of homes in your area that have solar panels as further proof that your home’s value is fair.

If you are selling a home with solar panels or would like to install them on a recently purchased home, talk to a local electrician. We can supply estimates for replacements or new installations and advise you on how to make your solar panels as appealing as possible.