Branding has been one of the main factors in getting more sales. That is the reason, brands put millions of dollars into getting the attention of users. Depending upon the market and target audience, it needs to adopt more than one strategy for getting ahead of competitors. That is the reason, brands have been putting special attention to this. A special department dedicated to branding and promotions has been constantly working on a new mechanism to find a unique way for advertisement. In the past, the modes of branding were very limited, now with time, things have been changed. With the use of modern technology, it has become easier for brands to make a unique way out for promotion. One of the latest addition to the branding techniques is the use of Augment Reality.

Brief intro about AR

Augmented reality is briefly written as AR, in common words can be defined as the combination of real and virtual worlds. It can be interpreted as a modern version of this physical world that is obtained by the use of digital means normally sensors and other high-tech electronic equipment. The global spending on this new technology is increasing with every passing day and a big chunk is consumed by the advertisement industry. The big names that are using this technology are as follows;


To sort out the problem of availability of space and also to help the e-commerce students to figure out how the sofa will look in the room, they are now relying on AR technology. A special app has been introduced by IKEA, and it has helped them in branding their products in a more convincing way. As customers now have virtually real-world experience of items, and in this way, they can have the best item for their place.


A brand known for its outstanding sportswear has successfully managed the 3D scanning of products with the help of the mobile application. This is achieved when shoppers enter the designated area of the shop for this purpose. There they can look at how specific products either shoes or something else look on them. This has put brands into the limelight, as customers can have now a real-time view. The company has also managed to cut their expense to carry out routine operations by lessening the staff.

New-York Times

AR technology has been proving a game-changer for media outlets, and NY-times is the real-world example of this. With the use of this technology, the viewers of NY-times can get closer looks at their favorite players. They can now see more clearly how they put a certain maneuver to beat the rival player out of the game. This has become possible with the use of the NYT AR app, specially designed for the said purpose.


Cadbury has brought the Advent Heroes event on the occasion of Christmas by utilizing AR technology. They distributed special Holiday Heroes Calendars that were to be used with the AR developed with the partnership of Blippar. It was not just the simple calendar rather customers can have the real-world experience with their favorite heroes on each day. This has proved a great tool for getting engaged with customers.


With the use of a specially designed AR app, MTV allowed its viewers to have real-world of their award show that was held in London by sitting in their homes.

BIC Kids

A brand is known for its crayons, coloring book, and other related stuff has also allowed the Kids to have a real-world view of their drawings by using specially designed AR apps.