Wedding plans are being finalized for 2019. We have seen exciting changes for the coming year, and we cannot wait to tell you about them.

Wedding Gowns

wedding gown

There is no middle ground for bridal dresses this year. Some brides are going with chic and understated gowns. These gowns are simply cut and easily worn. Ivory and cream are popular for the bride who selects this simple gown.

Another option is a full “princess” dress. You will see layers of tulle. Full skirts with layers of ruffles are in demand. The color of choice for this beautiful gown is diamond white.

Some brides are wearing vintage dresses from the 1920’s style. These dresses have rows of fringe and are ordering silver hues.

Many brides are passing up the white gown for color. Red, lavender, violet, and yellow are the colors we can expect to see in wedding chapels.

Seek out a professional to help you select the best wedding dress for your wedding theme.


There is one style that is growing in popularity. The vintage look of the 1920s is going to be seen in weddings this spring.

With either choice you will see these embellishments:

  • Bows
  • Ruffles
  • Capes

Wedding Rings

For the past two years, brides have been wearing rose gold bands and oval-cut diamonds. These styles will continue in 2019. However, you will see a rise in engagement rings with colored stones such as the ruby, sapphire, and emerald. The main stone is still a diamond. Finally, vintage wedding rings are coming back. It is a wonderful time to be a bride.


For years brides have been allowing bridesmaids to wear gowns that are different styles, different hues of main colors, and different lengths. But, groomsmen are not offered a choice. In 2019 you will see groomsmen wearing different colors and sometimes different styles. The tailored look is popular, with a splash of color and even some patterns.


This season will be anything but boring. Purple is taking the place of pink. Lavender, violet, and plum, mixed with open blooms of white will be used in bouquets.

For those who like metallic colors; gold and silver are fading into the background and rust has arrived. Rust should be paired with a bright color like smoke, champagne, and ivory.


Rustic weddings, barn weddings, and vintage venues will slowly fade away. You will be seeing lots of greenery on tables, wooden chairs, and lots of candles for a natural and romantic glow.

Unique photo ops

We all know the importance of beautiful photographs of our wedding day. In 2019, couples who are getting married outdoors will have a unique option. More photographers are using drones to get photographs. Videographers are able to film the wedding party as well as guests while they enjoying the day. Photography is bringing technology to weddings everywhere.


You are going to see signs and notations on social media that advise guests to turn off their cell phones during the wedding. Nothing ruins a wedding like a ringing cell phone during an important moment.

This year promises to be exciting and beautiful in the world of weddings. It truly is going to be a year that brides everywhere will be able to have the wedding of their dreams. We can hardly wait to see the weddings of 2019 begin.