Have you observed that modern customers have become a lot more impatient these days? Yes, they do not want to wait too long for anything they need, be it an answer to a query, the technical details of a product, or access to the checkout page on an online store. They want to be served within a fraction of a second. And that’s one of the areas where most companies fail to excel at. Now we want to know, are you also grappling with holding the interest of your prospective consumers in your app or website for a long time?

Do your pages open late enough to make your visitors shift to competing sites? Are you interested in finding a robust solution to this problem? If your response to these riddles is yes, then you must employ the top Progressive web app development company right away.

Now you might be thinking, but why? Because they are the ones who can create a mind-blowing progressive web application for your brand, which will help in drawing more customers to your business. Wondering how? Then, we must inform you that progressive web apps come with certain qualities, like:

  1. Tiny size
  2. Fast loading speed
  3. Maintenance ease
  4. Low development cost

And these traits help your website-based web presence:

  1. Attract more traffic
  2. Improve customer engagement
  3. Encourage sales
  4. Generate massive revenue
  5. Capture maximum market share

So, if you wish to outperform your rivals and take your business to great heights as soon as possible, you need not look further to getting a progressive web app developed by a next-level PWA development company. Ok? Understood? If so, it is time to give heed to:

Some Statistics About PWAs Extracted by the Best PWA Development Company

An image-sharing social media platform named “Pinterest” claimed that they have observed significant improvements in their results concerning multiple performance indicators, like:

  1. 40% upsurge in Ad Click-Throughs
  2. 60% increment in core engagements
  3. 44% elevation in user-generated ad revenues

Another social media site formed with the help of PWA techniques experienced the following changes, such as:

  1. 65% enhancement in pages per session
  2. 75% boost in the number of tweets sent
  3. 20% decrement in bounce rate

Now if you also want to accomplish such impressive outcomes for your business, it is in your best interest to collaborate with a premier progressive web app development company for your PWA creation.

With that grasped, it is time to discuss:

What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App is a software application that is developed using traditional technologies required for website creation, like:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. WebAssembly

The Progressive web apps are designed in such a way that they can run on almost all popular web browsers.

The experts of a long-standing web app development company say that PWA works like a website, but it delivers all the benefits of a mobile app. What’s more? PWA apps don’t require to be distributed through any digital platforms, like Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The developers of a progressive web application can present their application on the online platform as a website. And when it comes to users, they can add a shortcut to such applications on their desktop or home screen for easy access.

A case in point here is the utilization of PWA offered by Uber. A general user can’t differentiate between a traditional application and a PWA if progressive web apps are designed pretty well and look aesthetically appealing.

So, if you also want to construct a software application like PWAs now, we would recommend getting into a conversation with a highly reliable Progressive web app development company on the web.

What Are the Pros of Progressive Web Apps Over Native Mobile Apps?

A native mobile app is a top pick when it comes to usability and speed. But you must know that native apps also come with certain drawbacks. And as a sought-after technology, it only improves and removes all the negative traits with every evolution. Still, you must be aware that the biggest issue with current apps is that they are not accessible. Most mobile apps get no more than 1000 downloads. They wear off into the ether, leaving none of the traces behind. Have you ever wondered why? Well, it is for the simple reason that users need to search a lot to find an app. And this approach is pretty different from the case of websites, where Google often makes us visit portals we didn’t even look for.

What else you need to know is that according to a recent survey about mobile app usage, a 20% drop has been observed in user volume between the download stage and active usage. Thus, everything boils down to the point that somewhere between finding an app, installing it, and using it, 1 in every 5 users turns away. Apart from that, it is also an expensive decision to forge and maintain a native mobile app for different operating systems, like Android and iOS.

With that over, it is time to catch sight of how progressive web apps are the solution to all these troubles in accordance with a top Progressive web app development company.

Progressive Web Apps:

The operator of a top-notch PWA development company says that PWAs exist on the cloud, like websites. And for that very reason, it is a breeze to find them in Google search results, making it a cakewalk for interested individuals to access and discover PWA-based websites.

Also, the best part of progressive web apps is that it eliminates the need to download the software application from the app store, thus weeding out any possibility of friction. Folks can simply add PWA icons to their phone’s home screen and access the app from there whenever they need relevant services.

Suppose that you fire a search term “book flight tickets to New York.” In that case, you will be able to access a travel app immediately rather than a website, where the former will have the same user-friendly interface as that of a native mobile application. Well, that’s what PWAs can do for you in accordance with a renowned best web app development company.

So, is PWA the future of mobile?

Of course yes, given that PWAs are not platform dependent and they possess all the features and functionalities of a mobile app being just a website. Beyond that, building and maintaining a progressive web app is less costly and it is also smaller in size than native apps. Therefore, most experts in the IT industry have concluded that progressive web applications are the future of mobile applications. And if you want to have one for your brand too, please hire the most trusted Progressive web app development company now for your PWA construction.