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Finding stable employment has become something of an uphill battle in recent years. With the “gig economy” now encompassing a broad range of professions, reliable full-time work is becoming increasingly scarce in many areas. However, this isn’t to say that jobs with consistent hours and regular paychecks have gone away entirely. Jobseekers that possess solid concentration and an affinity for operating large vehicles would be wise to consider a career in truck driving. As you’ll find, the advantages of becoming a professional trucker are far from limited.

Decent Starting Salary

When shopping around for the right profession, most job seekers place a fair amount of importance on starting salaries. Being presented with a decent salary right off the bat provides people with a solid indicator of how prosperous a certain profession can be. If a great starting salary is what you’re after, trucking may be right up your alley. Many drivers start out at around $50,000 – a figure that can increase exponentially depending on experience, training, and the type of truck you drive and how far you’re willing to travel.

Comprehensive Training

Most logistics companies will only hire drivers who have received formal training in operating large vehicles and/or working with fleet management software. Fortunately, many of these companies provide this training free of charge or pay for prospective drivers to receive it elsewhere. This ensures that applicants who choose to pursue formal training won’t have to worry about making a dent in their personal finances. Furthermore, this training will significantly boost your earning power and serve you well for the rest of your professional life.

Job Security

In today’s economy, job security is very difficult to come by. Even professions that once seemed safe are now starting to experience reduced hours and mass layoffs. However, regardless of how technologically advanced we become as a society, there will always be a need for logistics. Goods will always need to be transported from Point A to Point B in a timely manner, so it’s hard to see the demand for experienced truckers dropping in the foreseeable future.


Spending eight hours a day behind a desk isn’t for everyone. Many people feel the need to experience new things and break free of monotonous surroundings, and trucking is the perfect profession for anyone looking to scratch this itch. Your deliveries will take you all around the country, with the open road serving as your workplace.

Over the last decade, many companies have gradually shifted away from fulltime hires. In an effort to save money, a growing number of employers are turning what were once salaried jobs into contract positions. While this approach may be beneficial from an employer standpoint, it can be incredibly frustrating for job seekers on the hunt for stability. Whether you’re just entering the job market or seeking to change careers, trucking may be the perfect industry for you. Boasting all of the previously discussed perks (and more!), trucking can provide stability and fair play in a world where both of those amenities have become scarce.