With the high technological wave, we have been glued to the use of a smartphone. Do you also find yourself guilty of this repetitive act? Well, if you are going crazy and snapping more photo then you should then it can be a bit alarming situation, especially if you are filming your kid. This article covers why taking tons of photos is a crazy idea. There are not just your phone storage issues which you have to deal with rather there are some really serious ones. Over-documenting can indeed be harmful and let’s explore the reason why this is so. There is much reason why you should consider taking fewer pictures of your children out of which four of them are mentioned below.

1. Memory impairment

You might not be aware that by taking the photos you are impairing your ability to remember what you saw. There has been researching conducted which proves that simple observation tends to slip away from your memory if you began photographing. If you will photograph every move of your kid then that kids photography is snatching away from you the essence. You will not be able to recall and relive the moments.

2. Tons of kids photography limits the child to develop childhood memories

Diving excessively into kid’s photography does not only affect your memory but of your child too. Your children will not be able to process the childhood memories and will not be able to live in the moment. Children won’t learn to talk about their experiences as the parents are documenting and saving up every move. There gets very little to remember and then share.

3. Addiction to kids photography any photos every time we go online

You will not agree more that we are surrounded by the online world constantly. There can be a high risk of memory impairment if you are fond of seeing several photos every day. This constant scroll through will then be responsible for making you addicted to posting. You will begin posting your kids photography to a highly exaggerated level. This overwhelming posting routine will further give birth to high anxiety. If you will indulge your most of the time in kids photographing and posting, then this will make you less aware and less conscious of the surrounding. By encountering a flood of an image, you will not appreciate the moment around and be more concerned about how others will react.

4. Exposure of a kid towards unhealthy self-awareness

If you will start obsessing over with several images then your children will pick up this from you and get addicted to the process. Children will do exactly what they see around. Children will scroll their photos and develop an extra self -awareness which can function negatively. They will just start self-focusing a lot and then remain extra conscious. They will relate themselves to others excessively. Self-awareness is vital but if practiced in moderation. By scrolling through their own phots, the kid will develop an unhealthy self-awareness for it does not get developed in moderation.