Woman reading book

Reading is an art and it comes with practice and thus you need to practice reading daily to become a fluent reader.

Ways to improve your Reading Fluency:

  • Read as much as possible:

The best thing to improve your reading fluency is to read as much as possible. You should spend all your free time reading books and that way your reading fluency will improve.

Also the more you read the better you will become at it and your vocabulary and fluency will also improve. Start with reading at least 10 to 15 pages a day and then extend it to 50 and then to 100 pages a day. This way your knowledge, language prowess and fluency all will improve drastically

  • Start with simple Literature:

You don’t have to read very difficult and complex literature, to begin with, if your English is not that good. You can start with simple literature like comics and books for teenagers like Hardy boys or Chicken soup series.

These are simple literature and are easy to understand and slowly you can move on to more complex literature like novels and motivational books. Also, choose the kind of literature you are interested in and this will help you stay motivated and keep on the habit of reading.

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  • Slowly increase your reading speed:

You should slowly and steadily improve your reading speed. You can start with 30 words a minute and then move on to 50 slowly and steadily. Also, it is not important to read very fast, you should be focused that you are able to understand everything you read and are able to comprehend it.

The more you read the faster your reading speed will become as they say that ‘practice makes a man perfect’ this applies to read skill and mastery as well.

Keep at it and a time will come when you will be able to read and comprehend really fast and quick.

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  • Read out loud:

It is also a very good idea to read out loud and you can even record your reading and then listen to the recording as to see how well you are pronouncing words and where your major improvement areas lie.

Reading out loud not only improves your reading fluency, but it also helps you become a fluent speaker of the English language.

You should read out loud every day and very soon you will become a fluent reader and a fluent speaker.

  • Read with Intonation:

It is also very important to bring in intonation to your reading. Intonation means putting in emotion and feeling in your reading and thus if you put in intonation then your reading and speaking will be more interesting and alive and will catch the attention of the listener.

  • Read with modulation:

Also, you should read out loud with modulation. Modulation means increasing and decreasing the volume of your speech while speaking and you can do the same while reading out loud and this will make your reading interesting and it will captivate the audience as it will sound more interesting.

Thus by following these simple steps you can improve your speaking skills and become a fluent reader and speaker. Also, it is a good idea to go for English Speaking Course Online as that will help you become a better and more confident reader and a speaker.